Saturday, December 30, 2006

Kim Elliott's apperance on Talk to America rescheduled for Jan 8

Due to Voice of America’s coverage of the funeral of former President Gerald R Ford, Kim Andrew Elliott’s next appearance on VOA’s Talk to America, for a discussion about international broadcasting, has been postponed until Monday 8 January. The programme follows the news at 1400 UTC on shortwave and via the VOA News Now Windows Media or RealPlayer live audio streams. You can join the conversation by calling +1-202-619-3111 or e-mail to
Shortwave frequencies for this program:
To Far East Asia, South Asia and Oceania: 7125, 9695, 9760, 11885, 12150 kHzTo Africa: 4930, 6080, 15580, 17715, 17895 kHzTo Europe, Middle East and North Africa: 11655, 15205 kHz
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog/Photo via R Netherlands)