Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blog Logs - Clandestines

1550, R Nacional República Arabe Saharaui, 2030-2050, Dec 16, Arabic talk, 22322 QRM Capital Gold on 1548 kHz. Heard in parallel with 6215 which had an excellent signal 44444. (Méndez)
6208.00, R Nacional República Arabe Saharaui, Rabouni, Algeria, 2200-2400*, Dec 20 and 22, new frequency ex 6215, Arabic talk with many mentions of Sahara, 2300 Spanish interview, commentary about Sahara, news about Spain and Kofi Annan, 2355 closing ann, 44444. (Liangas and Petersen)
6210.0, R Nacional República Arabe Saharaui, Rabouni, Algeria, 2200-2345, Dec 23 and 26, new frequency ex 6208, long Arabic talks and lots of local songs and music, 2300 into Spanish with clear ID’s "Radio Nacional de Sahara" and more songs. At 2330 news review in Spanish. Good signal on clear channel, 44444. Heard again this morning, Dec 24, with usual format of Arabic talks, songs and music to close at 0900*, 35443. (Ford and Petersen)
6215, R Nacional República Arabe Saharaui, Rabouni, Algeria, 2200-2336, Dec 12 and 17, new frequency ex 7245, Arabic talks, 2300 Spanish program noted while looking for R Baluarte, Argentina. Rustic vocals with nice IDs at 2325 followed by long political talk. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX, Ransmann). Also noted at *1700-1730, Dec 18, New sign on time with the National anthem of the Sahrawi Democratic Republic, Arabic frequency ann of 1550 MW, 7425 and 700 MW in meter band and KHz, still announcing the ex frequency of 7425, followed by Holy Quran recitation and local songs. Around 1730 introduction of a program called the "Journey of the night", playing Egyptian and Lebanese music asking listeners to participate in the program followed by another local hit. (Zeidan)
6245, R Zamaneh, via Mykolaiv, Ukraine, 1730-2100*, Dec 16, 17 and 25, man and woman talking in Farsi followed by instrumental music, interview of a lady who mentioned Julio Iglesias, 1801 Danish folksong: "Jeg ved mig hemsk en jomfru" (!), mentioned Ingrid Bergmann and ABBA, Swedish fiddling usic, "Jingle Bells" and "We wish you a Merry Christmas" (Let us hope the people in Iran enjoyed it! Ed). At 2059 ID and website address just before the carrier was terminated, 55545. (D’Angelo/ FCDX, Herkimer and Petersen)
6348, Echo of Hope, Kimp’o, South Korea, 1437-1442, Dec 25, weird version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", with a relentless beat and lyric presumably in Korean. 1442 "Jingle Bells" in another unique version. (Hauser)
7335, Voice of Delina, via Armavir, *1700-1730*, Mo Dec 25, after long warm-up tones, Tigrinya to Eritrea, ID, web address, California address, ann, ID, songs from Horn of Africa followed by poem reading, ann, 45444. (Petersen)
9560, Voice of Democratic Alliance, via Gedja Jewe, Ethiopia towards Eritrea, *1500-1510, Dec 25, Arabic talk, same time Dec 26 in Tigrinya, QRM VOIRI, 24222 heard // more QRM’ed 7165. (Petersen)
9955, R República, via WRMI, 0655 Dec 25, no jamming, talking about Jesus, and political prisoners in Cuba. (Hauser)
11900, Tensae Ethiopia, via Armavir, Russia, *1500-1510, Dec 25, after long warm-up tones music from the Horn of Africa, Amharic ID and talk, 44434. (Petersen)
(DX Window No. 314 via Anker Petersen)