Friday, December 15, 2006

Blog Logs MARE

Blog Logs - MARE

The following are samples of what the DXers from Michigan Area Radio Enthusiast are hearing. Thanks to MARE for permission to post from your fine newsletter.
Gayle VH.

ALBANIA: 7825 China Radio Int'l relay w/News & tx re Asian Games in EE; USB Better because of Ham Splatter SIO 43+3+ 2000-2020, 2/Dec --Zichi DXp

15400 BBC relay 15400 at 1650 w/soccer. Sat/Sun only. Excellent. //15420 via Seychelles. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)

5995 Radio Australia; 1005, 3-Dec; Pidgin service, news. SIO=3+23 (Frodge-DXP)
7240 Radio Australia; 1436-58+, 2-Dec; Saturday Night Country w/C&W & interviews in EE. SIO=444-; //11660, SIO=3+33; //9475, SIO=333, LSB cuts out QRM; //9590, SIO=3+53+ (Frodge-DXP)
9580 Radio Australia w/News & interview and music show talking with a ‘mouth organist’ & mentions of how underappreciated the harmonica is as an instrument. Including selections of not only blues and jazz stuff, but also CLASSICAL music...Bizarre! 0803-0825 2/Dec MANY //s heard as follows: 5995 SIO 3+3+2; 9580 SIO 4+54 (hum in modulation!); 9590 SIO 3+4+3+; 9710 SIO 3+53+; 13630 SIO 253 -Zichi DXp

AUSTRIA: 6155 Radio Osterreich Int'l at 2045 in German w/classical music. //5945. Both S9+. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)

4409.82 Radio Eco (p); 2311-31+, 1-Dec; M in SS w/camp'o music & possibly dedications; echo promo @2326. SIO=352, need USB to kill ute; tough copy due to QRN. (Frodge-DXP)
4650.30 Radio Santa Ana (p) at 2335 in Spanish. Very weak. Might be a hallucination. (LC Dec 1 Brighton)
4716.76 Radio Yura at 2348 in Spanish. Bolivian music. Weak (LC Dec 1 Brighton)
4716.76 Radio Yura; 0108-14+, 2-Dec; M in SS w/lite SS vocals; ID of some sort after every song; "...onda corta Radio Yura". SIO=342+, USB helps (Frodge-DXP)
5680.77 Radio La Voz de Campesino (p); 1024-28+, 3-Dec; Andean vocal music. SIO=2+52 till 1028 when 5679.9 SSB QRM killed it. (Frodge-DXP) (ID per recent Cumbre logs; Passport shows Radio Ilucan, Peru.)

4775 Radio Congonhas 2355+ in Portuguese. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)
4805 Radio Amazonas; 0940-0947+, 3-Dec; M in PP w/tropocal big band music; one word "Amazonas" SID & Brasil promo. SIO=3+23, swiper QRM (Frodge-DXP)
4864.97 Radio Alvorada at 0357 w/ID. Moderate. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)
4885 Radio Clube do Para; 0507-23+, 2-Dec; M in PP w/variety tropical tunes--reggae, Mex, samba. Full ID @0523 w/MW/SW freqs. SIO=3+53 (Frodge-DXP)
4925.07 Radio Educacao Rural at 1100 in Portuguese. Moderate. Music. I have never heard an education prg on this stn. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)
4935.01 Radio Capixaba (t) at 2158 in Portuguese. This is the only station PWBR lists on this freq but says inactive. I think I hrd some sort of ID but the signal was weak. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)
4985 Radio Brasil Central at 2310 w/music and talk in Portuguese. Strong signal. //11815 weak. (LC Dec 1 Brighton)
6090 Radio Bandeirantes at 0115 w/talk in Portuguese. Good sig. Dr. Gene off. //11925 poor. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)
9664.98 Radio Marumby at 0015 in Portuguese. Odd buzz like that over Gabon on 9580. Strong signal, unusual for this stn. Preaching. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)
11915.02 Radio Gaucha (p) at 0052 in Portuguese. Faint. Severe QRM. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)

BURKINA FASO: 5030 Radio Burkina (p); 2M discussion in FF. Real mess w/Rebelde on 5025. SIO=3+22+, USB helps (Frodge-DXP)

6160 CKZN St. Johns NL at 1129 w/news from Labrador. Moderate and jittery (LC Dec 3 Brighton)
9625 Radio Netherlands, 0655 11/28, presumed pgm feed error. RN bells at 0700. (Russell)

CHAD: 6165 RdfTV Tchadienne at 2033 in French w/African music. Alternating w/Radio Netherlands (LC Dec 2 Brighton)

CHILE: 6089.9 Radio Esperanza; 0640-0708+, 2-Dec; W&2M in SS w/rlgs discussion; One-word "Esperanza" ID @0653 then vocal music. Pgm named Libre en Christo. SIO=333-, USB helps, occasional drop-outs. (HF-DXP)

5910 La Voz de tu Consencia; 2304-10+, 2-Dec; Camp'o music. SIO=2+33-need LSB to kill ute; //6009.5, SIO=2+2-2- (Frodge-DXP)
6009.5 La Voz de tu Consencia; 0623-30+, 2-Dec; SS preacher. SIO=322+, LSB helps; 5910 absent. 0957, 3-Dec; M in SS w/rlgn & ID. SIO=4+23, het QRM; 5910 absent. (Frodge-DXP)

6060 Radio Habana; 0631, 2-Dec; News Update read by Arnie Coro; Cuba Today @0634. All in EE. SIO=544; //6000, SIO=444- (Frodge-DXP)
6180 Radio Habana; 1300 ID in SS, off. Is Brasil still using 6180 now that Cuba has moved onto it? (Russell)
11705 Radio Nacional de Venezuela; 1212-1239+ 11/27 RNdV ids, mostly talk, but some local filler mx. One mention of upcoming election, and Hugo Chavez. fair, propagation noise, presumed via Cuba. (Russell)

3220 HCJB at 1002 in Quechua with Andean music. Good signal. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)
3279.5 La Voz del Napo(p) w/SS OM vocal Mx, EZL instr'l & YL ancr in SS--no ID heard, but likely Tena. SIO 353+ 0745-0800 2/Dec--Zichi DXp

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: 5005 Radio Nacional at 2208 in Spanish w/African music. Good at S7. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)

FRANCE: 9800 Trans-World Radio with religious programming & ID as Trans World Radio & mention of Per HFCC this is from Monte Carlo [xmtr is actually located in France]. In nicely, SIO 344 0830-0835 2/Dec --Zichi DXp

9580 Africa #1 at 2155 in French without the annoying buzz so often heard lately. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)
15355 Radio Japan Relay, w/EE World Interactive mail & Talkback pgm with tx re Liza Minelli & conversation with an English/Japanese translator from the Philippines. Into JJ @1800. SIO 354 1740-1801 2/Dec --Zichi DXp

15205 Voice of America relay w/On The Line. EE talk with W about Sharia Law in Iraq & Iran. Splatter from 15210 particularly bad when 15210 had music, SIO 3+21 when music was playing, 3+43 when they were broadcasting voice & the QRM was gone by 1500 leading to an SIO of 3+4+4. ID & into World News Now @1500, mentioned MANY other freqs
in use, of those the //s heard after 1500 were: to Asia 9645 Ceylon SIO 4+54+; 12150 Germany SIO 2+43 w/whoop whoop QRM to ME/Afr; 11890 Ceylon SIO 3+53 (auroral fading) all from 1444-1505 2/Dec --Zichi Dxp

GREECE: 7450 Radio Makedonias at 1908+ in Greek. Good Greek music as usual. (LC Dec 1 Brighton)

4052.47 Radio Verdad (p); 0131-39+, 2-Dec; M in SS w/instr'l Xmas song medley. SIO=343 (Frodge-DXP)
4779.98 Radio Cultural Coatan at 0140 in Spanish w/weird oompah tune mixed in w/Here Comes the Bride on trumpet. Later, same music with the Wedding March. (LC Dec 2 Brighton)

HAWAII: 11785 KWHR with Hmong Lao Radio, 1400-1500 in Hmong. Strong signal. I should be a linguist. Sked Stas only 1400-1500 on 11785. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)

INDONESIA: 4406 RRI Serui at 1258 w/chime IS. Clear ID. Very strong signal. (LC Dec 3 Brighton)