Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog Logs - Indonesian monitoring

INDONESIA 9680 RRI Jakarta, on Dec 6 (Wed.) at 1006-1031 UT, Kang Guru Radio English program #5302, same as heard Nov 1 (Wed.) and Nov 5 (Sun.) no sign of the usually heard WYFR. At end of KGRE program (1022), went to open carrier (strong audio hum) till 1028, into Bahasa Indonesia programming. Fair.
(Ron Howard-USA, JPNpremium / DXplorer Dec 8)

Reactivated RRI Nabire 49 mb transmitter (last check in Oct. 1998 on 6127 kHz) heard on 6125.3 kHz at 0815-1400* with Love Ambon on Dec. 10. Local news in Nabire at 1000-1012. Jakarta news at 1100, 1200 and 1300. Acc. to "Kageyama BCL Communication Page "in Japanese http://6103.teacup.com/akage/bbs?BD=10&CH=5 first noted on Dec. 9 at 0900 with unID RRI, reported on S. Kiyota. (A. Ishida-JPN & S. Hasegawa-JPN, NDXC-HQ, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 10)

3215.09 RRI Manado, 1318-1355* Dec 6, vocal mx, M&W ancrs with long chats between songs; final song ended at 1355 and, after a short 10-sec. anmt, the stn went off the air. Generally fair signal, about even with the local noise level. Spot checks throughout the week show the same pattern, i.e. mx in this time frame, and going off the air arnd 1400, sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes later. Have never hrd them running Jakarta prgms, although they may do so earlier. Fqy has been the same all week, 3215.09. (John Wilkins-CO-USA, DXplorer Dec 11)

4750 RRI Makasar fair-poor at 1350 with soft choral European-style songs; woman ancr in Bahasa Indonesian [listed]; ID with the word "Makasar" at 1400; off at 1401 UT. Interesting that PWBR spells it Makassar; the usually authoritative Oxford World Atlas has Makasar. My first Indo regional; thanks to Ron Howard and Don Jensen for help on this.
(James Ronda-OK-USA, DXplorer Dec 6)
We monitored RRI Nabire on Dec. 10 to 14.
+0700-0815v* on 7290 kHz
*0815v-1400* on 6125.3 kHz, QRMed CNR-1 (*1000-)
*2030v-2300+ on 6125.3 kHz, QRMed CNR-1, BBC (*2055-)
Jakarat nx at 0800, 1100, 1200, 1300, and 2200 UT.
Local Nx (Berita Daerah) at 1000-1015v.
Local Nx signature (bamboo drum) and local ID on Dec. 10 at 0959 UT. Recorded by Mr. S. Yamamori-JPN, A. Ishida-JPN, S. Aoki-JPN and S. Hasegawa-JPN.
(NDXC-HQ, via Hasegawa-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX Dec 14)

3215.1 RRI-Manado, Dec 07 1318-1331 35343 Indonesian, Telephone talkback and music, ID at 1321. 6125.29 RRI-Nabire, Dec 13 1223-1239 33443-34443 Indonesian, Jakarta news realy and music, ID at 1232 UT. Thanks for tip from Kiyota via Kageyama BCL Communication Page BBS. (Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, JPNpremium Dec 15)
(Source: WWDXC Top News-BC DX # 786)