Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent those recently cut from my SWBC Logs column, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to all the contributors for your kind words and support.
Gayle VH

Freqs in kHz, all times UTC, freqs in kilohertz, English unless otherwise stated // parallel frequencies. * sign-on sign off *

7285 China Radio Int'l relay 2027-2031+. News & reports from CRI. In the Spotlight w/ news & features. SIO 444. (H. Frodge, MI)

11710 RAE 0200. News to tango tunes and Sports Review, followed by DXers Supplement. SIO 454. (K Krist, VA)

11880 Radio Australia 1850 w/ English discussion on control of finances. (S McKenzie, CA)

4885 Radio Clube do Para, Belem 0425-0455. Lively local pop music to male DJ's ID and Portuguese text. Moderate to good signal w/ some fading. (J Evans, TN)
4985 Radio Brasil Central, Goiania 2345-2355. Pop music, primarily 1970's music group. Portuguese talk by announcer. (J Evan, TN)

15160 Radio Prague relay 1459. Carrier & tones to sign-on w/ poor signal amid R Prague news. (K Krist, VA)

4750 Quinghai Peoples BC, Xian. 0005-0010. Vernacular text for news bulletin via male/female. SINPO 24432. (A Slaen, ARG)
4905 Xizang PBS, Lhasa 0011-0015. Vernacular talk by female SINPO // 25432 // 4920 w/ SINPO 24432. (A Slaen, ARG)
5050 Guangxi Foreign Service, Nanning. 2320-2324. Chinese text via female anncr w/ very strong signal. SINPO 34433. (A Slaen, ARG)
5075 Voice of Pujiang (presumed) 1223-1230. Chinese text via male/female. No ID heard & poor but readable signal w/ utility QRM. SINPO 22222. (J Evans, TN)
6090 Central PBS Geermu 1238-1245. Chinese via male/female w/ poor to moderate signal. SINPO 24222. (J Evans, TN)
6200 Xizang PBS (presumed) 1243-1245. Presumed Tibetian service, no ID heard w/ poor signal quality. (J Evans TN)
9600 China Radio Int'l 1823. Two males w/ text on trade w/ Japan to "CRI" ID to New Report program. (S McKenzie, CA)
15125 China Radio Int'l 0012. Announcer w/program comments into Top Story Newscast and Business Daily News. (S McKenzie, CA)

9925 Croatian Radio 0200. "This is Croatian Radio" ID by male announcer to freq quote and repeat of identification. SIO 252. (K Krist, VA)
5005 Radio Naciona;, Bata 0502-0525. Anthem followed by program announcements in Spanish. West African pop music w/ good signal quality. SINPO 33333 w/ usual low side QRM. (J Evans, TN)

4780 Radio Cultural, Coatan 2359. Tuned across the frequencies as the ID was given by male announcer in Spanish. SINPO 43333. (J Evans, TN)

13630 China Radio Int'l relay 2053. Mentions of Taiwan & pop music. SIO 2+22 w/ utility QRM, // 7285 via Albania. (H Frodge, MI)

4770 Radio Nigeria, Kaduna *0430-0502. Drum interval signal to national anthem and short prayer and pledge. Faded badly at 0440, recheck at 0459 w/ possible newscast amid SINPO 24222. (J Evans, TN)

4824.5 La Voz de la Selva 0240-0250. Ballad style music to ID by female at 0243. Male announcer's text & possible advertisement, poor signal w/ utility QRM. SINPO 22222. (J Evans, TN)

6100 Kyzyl Radio (presumed) 1250-1255. Russian via male/female duo & per schedule Radio Rossii programming w/ moderate signal. SINPO 33333. (J Evans, TN)

4960 Voice of America relay 0443-0458. Two males political discussion on Iraq to editorial on human rights abuse in Zimbabwe. ID at 0458 and schedule w/ good signal SINPO 34333. (J Evan, TN)

11680 Tadio Exterior de Espana 2005-2011. English news by announcer duo. SIO 2+22. Freq not in Passport 2007. (H Frodge, MI)

4990 Radio Apintie 0658. Nights in White Satin classic tune by the Moody Blues to Donna by Ritchie Valens. Announcer's chat and positive ID as "Radio Apinite" Station ID for SIO 232. (K Krist, VA)

4635 Tajik Radio, Dushanbe 0000-0010. Vernacular news bulletin by female announcer. SINPO 24432. (A Slaen, ARG)

11735 Radio Tanzania Zanibar 1926-2002. Presumed Swahili text at 2000 possibly newscast, ending at 2001. (H Frodge, MI)

9805 Radio Thailand 1934-1959. Station news w/ several RT News promos. Wonders of Asia & Upcoming Events segment to weather update. Closing info to chime interval signal. SIO 333. (H Frodge, MI)