Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Taiwan: Broadcasting Corporation of China changes hands

General Manger of the Kuomintang’s Central Investment Holding Company Wang Ching-hai yesterday said that the party-run Broadcasting Corporation of China has been sold to ex-president of UFO Radio Jaw Shaw-kong. However, Wang did not confirm a pro-DPP Liberty Times report that said BCC was sold at a price between NT$600 million and NT$700 million, citing confidential business information.
The Chinese-language Liberty Times report said the Hua Hsia Investment Holding Company sold BCC to Jaw on December 22, and the transaction was confirmed by Jaw yesterday.
The report also said that there have been different opinions within the company about Jaw’s bossing the company, with some arguing that BCC would become “bluer, “referring to a more staunch stance against the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, which they claimed would be more unfavourable to journalistic professionalism.
(Source: Government Information Office, Republic of China/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)