Monday, December 18, 2006

XM-4 satellite begins broadcasting to XM subscribers

US broadcaster XM Satellite Radio, today announced the completion of its new two-satellite broadcast system. On Friday, XM began broadcasting through its recently launched XM-4 satellite (known as “Blues”) manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems International, Inc. The combination of “Rhythm (the XM-3 satellite launched in early 2005)” and “Blues” provides a solid foundation to deliver a full complement of digital broadcasts across the next two decades.
“The Rhythm and Blues satellites form the most powerful and stable delivery system in satellite radio,” said John Dealy, XM Senior Advisor who leads the Company’s Satellite Systems Team. “Both satellites are healthy and expected to deliver excellent service beyond their contract requirement of 15 years, providing the richest entertainment content to XM subscribers for the long-term.”
Rhythm and Blues replace XM’s original satellites, “Rock” and “Roll,” launched in 2001, which will serve as in-orbit spares for the near-term.
(Source: XM Satellite Radio/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)