Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Years Eve programming via IRRS

As every year at this time IRRS-Shortwave will run some additional broadcast at high power (150 kW) around Christmas and the New Year.Although we will be beaming to Europe, North Africa and Middle East, weexpect that reception will also be possible outside our target ares in theAmericas, Asia and Australia.
New Years Eve programming includes:

On Sunday Dec. 31, 2006:on 9310 kHz from 0930-1030 UTC (150 kW) we will broadcast a specialprogram from Radio Rasant The student radio from Sundern in Germany, followed by our usual Sunday schedule.

We will appreciate receiving your reception reports for any of ourbroadcasts.You can email reports @ We will reply and answer all your requests by email, and forward yourreception reports to our broadcasters for further verification by letteror QSL. We hope you can enjoy our members programs during this Christmas season. For those outside our main target areas, you can also tune to our simulcast streaming on Internet at>

For further information on our programs please check our website (International Public Access Radio) (European Gospel Radio).

Happy New Year from us all here at NEXUS-IBA in Milan!
73s de RonRon Norton NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Milan-Italy(Ron Norton-I, via Walter Eibl-D, wwdxc Dec 23)(Source: WWDXC-Top News-BC-DX # 788)