Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog Logs - MARE

The following loggings represent what is being heard on shortwave from the fine folks of Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing your monitoring with our readers.

Gayle VH

ANGUILLA: 6090 University Network. Date: 9 Dec 06. Time: 2250-2300.Typical Dr. Scott programming. QRM from Family Radio on 6085. P-f.(Wood, TN).

ARGENTINA: 15820/L Radio Continental; 2113-2131+, 12-Dec; 2M in SSw/cmtrys & many ads/promos; Continental spot @2123 (sounds like "Con-tinente" sometimes, "al" this time); pips @BoH. SIO=122+ w/flutterQRM, good when flutter absent. SS 2-way in USB, (Frodge-MI)

CUBA: 9550 Radio Habana. Date: 9 Dec 06. Time: 2329. YL in English withnews of a film festival in Havana. Good. (Wood, TN).

GERMANY: 7285 Voice of Croatia. Date: 9 Dec 06. Time: 2312-2324. Pop mxfollowed by Croatia Today in EE about politics in Croatia followed byskeds, target areas, and freqs. Poor. (Wood, TN)

ISRAEL: 6985 Kol Israel; 1905-1940+, 11-Dec; M&W cmtry & phone inter-view w/vocal & instr'l music breaks. Hrd tentative mentions of Shabele& Mogadishu but then hrd clear Kol Israel ID @1935. All in LL; soundssomewhat like AR. Assume this is the Somalia/Unknownia hrd last week-end on 6985. SINPO=3+4233-, one brief clatter burst. Not //7545 w/M&Win HB. (Frodge-MI)

JAMMERS: 11945 CC Crash & Bang Music Jammer; 1843, 12-Dec; AgainstRadio Asia, Tinian? (Frodge-MI)

RWANDA: 6055 Radio Rwanda (t); 2046-2059, 12-Dec; M cmtry in FF totent. RR ID by W @2049, then non-Afro pop & reggae tunes. Disappeared@2059; 07 Passport shows a target shift @2100. SIO=252, USB best;should have improved toward ToH, but didn't. (Frodge-MI)

TANZANIA: 11735 Radio Tanzania Zanzibar (p); 1844-1915+, 12-Dec; LongAfro vocal--ran at least 16 min.; brief anmt @ToH, then drum chant,then W w/news. All in LL. SIO=2+53 (Frodge-MI)

TURKEY: 5960 Voice of Turkey (Ankara). Date: 9 Dec 06. Time: 2301-2307.OM in EE with nx of the Bosporus region. Poor. (Wood, TN).
PirateWBNY Radio Bunny (p); 6925/U, 2022-2029:19*, 12-Dec; Pop tune shorts,belching & monkey boy bits--very innovative pxing. On/off severaltimes. SIO=2+53 (Frodge-MI)
(Source: MARE Tip Sheet # 431)