Saturday, August 02, 2008

Behind the scenes at the Olympic Games

A new Internet project from, onzeWereld and Radio Netherlands Worldwide, onzeWereld and Radio Netherlands Worldwide are launching an international Internet project which offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the Beijing Olympics. The website contains intimate little stories, photographs and clips of events taking place in the margins of the world’s greatest sporting event. The site is available in Dutch, English, Spanish and Indonesian.
The site brings together all the news, background information and clips from, onzeWereld and Radio Netherlands Worldwide on one website. From a story about the working conditions in sports clothing sweatshops to a story about Chinese parents who have named their children after the Olympic Games, visitors to the site will find all kinds of facts about China, its people and political and cultural climate.
Two Radio Netherlands reporters are covering the Olympic Games from inside China, reporting from the margins of international sport performances on events and news items which affect China and the Chinese themselves.
Photo series
A special series of photographs from onzeWereld enables visitors to look at the Asian superpower through the eyes of both the Chinese and foreigners who have lived there a long time. The series “Among the Chinese” shows work by students and former students of international photojournalism in Dalian (North-East China).
The Dutch media organisations onzeWereld, One and Radio Netherlands Worldwide share an interest in themes including globalisation and human rights, and are working closely together for the first time in this Internet project. Their aim as journalists is to focus attention on the personal and social circumstances of the Chinese.
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)