Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel freqs *sign-on sign-off*

4699.33, Radio San Miguel, 0910-0920, Initially noted music over extreme noise until 0914. At that time brief live Spanish comments from a male, then I believe canned promos from a female. Signal fades into the noise at 0917 and doesn't get any better thatthreshold after that. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 13, 2008)

6035, BBS, Bruce Churchill, in southern California., also heard the same English programming that I did today from 1401-1501*, Aug 10. His reception was slightly better, as he had more program details (or his knowledge of pop songs is better than mine). The only point of interest was the slight change in their scheduling: this past week always observed 15 minutes of news (two announcers), 5 minutes of announcements and at 1420 into whatever was scheduled for that day, but today only had 10 minutes of news with just one announcer, 5 minutes of announcements and at 1415 (5 minutes earlier than scheduled) they started their call in program. Also from 1244-1300 I was clearly hearing BBS with fair reception, in assume Dzongka, with on-air phone conversations (conforms to the schedule at their website) (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

6080, Radio San Gabriel (pres), 0950-1000, There's two SAM stations on this freq, both with similar formats. There's HCJB, Ecuador in Quechua comments and music and San Gabriel with music and comments. Both stations are on the same frequency exactly. I can hear both equally but can't pull them apart enough for a good ID. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 10, 2008)

4905.14, Radio Anhanguera, (pres), 0940-0950 Another weak station due to noise and fading. Noted a period of Bras music with occasional Portuguese language comments by a male. Also, heard canned promos intermittenly. Signal was poor to threshold.(Chuck Bolland, August 13, 2008)

6188.18, Radio Nacional, 1001-1010 At tune in, noted a female in Portuguese language religious comments. Every once in awhile the audience responds in unison "Amen's". Signal was at good level.Thanks to Ron Howard's earlier report of this. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 10, 2008)

7280, Voice of Strait, 0930-1007 Noted a steady program of Chinese language comments from male and female with easy-listening music in Chinese. This is parallel on 6115 kHz which was at a fair level earlier, but has degraded since. Currently on 7280, signal seems to be fading in to a fair level, but before was very poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 11, 2008)

4750, RRI Makassar, 1000-1010 At tune in, noted a female in Indo language comments - very brief. Then a religious program of possibly the Qu'ran recited by a male. Signal was poor but seemed to be fading in gradually. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 13, 2008)

5985.77 1300-1335 Aug 7. Presumed with instrumental music and occasional YL ancr; usual IS (I think) of regional mx, followed by chimes. Lady announcer with possible music at 1330. Signal was fair-poor and fading. Had been off since the June (May?) typhoon. (Wilkins-CO)

4747, Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta. August-11 Spanish/Quecha 2250-2302 eloquent announcers talk to local folk selections, Quecha talks by announcer duo. QRN SINPO 33232 (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

6019.42, Radio Victoria, 0845-0859, This freq is usually clear of any interference before 0900 so that Radio Victoria can be heard easily. Today was not exception. I tuned in at 0845 and heard a female in Spanish language comments until 0849 when a male joined her. Unfortunately, could not catch the topic being discussed due to fading and weak signal. During the period however, the signal did improve slightly to a fair level but immediately dropped back to poor. At the top of the hour, Australia came on the air blocking everything. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 13, 2008)

United States
5920, WBOH, 0900-1030+ Nil heard on this station for the third day on this frequency. They may have QSY'd somewhere else, but as of now they aren't heard here? Radio Rossii is using 5920 as usual with a good signal. Tried to go to WBOH's web page as listed in the WRTH to see if they might have left a message, but the page will not come up. (Chuck Bolland, FL August 10, 2008)

4828, Voice of Zimbabwe, Gweru. August-11 2304-2312. Two instrumental music tunes to presumed from same musician, a repetitive marimbas and tribal vocals music. Het but progressive signal enhancement, SINPO 32333. (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/Cumbre DX)