Tuesday, August 26, 2008

QSL Report Central - Radio Zamaneh

This morning I'm reposting the QSL information of Radio Zamaneh, from yesterday's QSL Central - best from the vault blog post. Our regular west coast contributor Ron Howard, graciously has shared a scanned copy of his Radio Zamaneh QSL card - and that deserves a repost! Thanks Ron for your contribution and kind comments on the blog.
Gayle Van Horn

Radio Zamaneh, 6245 kHz. Beautifully designed, full data card, for an email report with real Audio clip. Card depicts a book with station logo on the right, listener's full data details on the left, and a small "QSL card depicting a microphone" clipped to the top of the left-hand page. I sent my report to both contact@radiozameneh.com and to the station director Mehdi Jami at mehdi.jami@gmail.com. Jami replied with an email of thanks, saying he would send a card. (he also translated my report into Farsi and posted it on their website at www.radiozamaneh.com/ . The card was accompanied by a separate white card from Jami, "Dear Radio-Lover." Received in six weeks from the Netherlands, return addresses on the envelope as; 35-F, 1093-EE Amsterdam, Postbox 92027, 1090-AA Amsterdam, Netherlands. very nice. (Jerry Berg, MA/ODXA) special thanks to Ed Kusalik for sharing this QSL contribution from his ODXA column. - GVH