Monday, August 25, 2008

QSL Report Central - the best from the vault

I've reopened the vault for another edition of QSL Report Central - the best of QSL Report and contributions cut for space constraints. Thanks as always to all the contributors and blog readers. Enjoy!
Gayle Van Horn

Family Radio Worldwide/WYFR, 5880 kHz via Yerevan relay. Full data with transmitter site notation, plus package of religious brochures and station stickers. Received in 46 days for reception report to California address. (Tom Banks, TX)

Family Radio Worldwide,/WYFR Three Decades of Faithful Service QSL cards, with transmitter sites indicated on the following frequencies:
11550, Taiwan (Tanshui) Indonesian broadcast to Indonesia
11560, Huwei, English broadcast to Asia
7445, Paochung (also referred to as Bao-Zhong) Vietnamese to Vietnam
Cards received in 30 days for three separate reports to
(Edward Kusalik, Canada)

Radio Zamaneh, 6245 kHz. Beautifully designed, full data card, for an email report with real Audio clip. Card depicts a book with station logo on the right, listener's full data details on the left, and a small "QSL card depicting a microphone" clipped to the top of the left-hand page. I sent my report to both and to the station director Mehdi Jami at Jami replied with an email of thanks, saying he would send a card. (he also translated my report into Farsi and posted it on their website at . The card was accompanied by a separate white card from Jami, "Dear Radio-Lover." Received in six weeks from the Netherlands, return addresses on the envelope as; 35-F, 1093-EE Amsterdam, Postbox 92027, 1090-AA Amsterdam, Netherlands. very nice. (Jerry Berg, MA/ODXA) special thanks to Ed Kusalik for sharing this QSL contribution from his ODXA column. - GVH

Voice of Democratic Eritrea, 13630 kHz via Media Broadcast. Full data verification letter received via email in three days from Walter Brodowsky. (Tom Banks, TX)

French Guiana
Radio France International relay, 5995/ 17630 kHz. Spanish broadcast via Telediffusion de France (TDF). Full data verification letter with confirmed frequencies. Received for a CD mp3 report sent to transmitter site at; Telediffusion de France Relay Station, Direction TDF Outre-Mer, B.P. 4074 97307 Cayenne, Cedex French Guiana. Reply received in 113 days (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Croatian Radio/HRT, 7285 kHz via J├╝lich. Full data card with illegible signature. Received in 32 days for an English report. (Frank Hillton, SC)

Radio Polonia via Wertachtal 6015 kHz. Studio building card, signed by Slawek Szefs-English Service, with transmitter site notation and accompying letter. Reply in eight months, one following an email followup report. (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Radio Verdad 4052 kHz. Full data yellow card with illegible signature. received in six weeks for an English/Spanish report. Nice station pennant enclosed. (Duane Hadley, TN).

All India Radio via Ranchi. Full data card of Tomb of General Rein Hart Agra, signed by P. Singh-Director (Spectrum Management & Synergy). Received in response to previous followup report. Reply received in 20 months, 58 days after sending my postal follow-up for a 2005 logging. (Edward Kusalik, Canada)

Radio Canada International relay via Santa Maria di Galena. (freq ?) Full data Maple Leaf Mailbag card with transmitter site notation, signed by Bill Westhaver. Received reply in 2 and a half months, from a postal follow-up to RCI. (Edward Kusalik, Canada).

Radio Marabu, 9290 kHz via Ulbroka relay. Full data Marabu Birds QSL card with illegible signature, plus sticker and info sheet on station. Received in nine days, after sending a second follow-up via email, for a total of nine months. (Edward Kusalik, Canada)

Family Radio Worldwide, 7395 kHz to Africa via Radio Netherlands. Full data 30th Anniversary card with site notation. Received in two months for reception report to California address. (Duane Hadley, TN).