Friday, August 29, 2008

Blog Logs

All times UTC *sign-on sing-off* // parallel frequency

4750, Bangladesh Betar, 1309-1335, Aug 28, in vernacular, subcontinent music and songs, child with ad along with singing jingle, several "Bangladesh Betar" IDs, very light QRM, cannot imagine my getting much better reception than this. (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4796, Radio Mallku, Uyuni. August-27 Spanish 2224-2250 seems a news` comentaries program with some outside talks, 2230 canned anmts with much voice reverb effect, maybe ads. Despite the S=3 signal level, was hard to comprehend details principally by 4800 Chinese QRM, SINPO 32433 (Lúcio Otávio Bobrowiec, Brazil/playdx)

6080.47, Radio San Gabriel, 0945-1015 With continous mixing with HCJB,noted San Gabriel with plenty of canned promos and ID's. Even so, very difficult topin them down because of fading in and out with the stronger HCJB. The signalfrom Gabriel was poor to threshold. The frequency of 6080.47 is not the exactfreq that Gabriel is using, but it is the best heard frequency. Gabriel is actually on6080 KHz and with the mixing of HCJB, tuning up slightly gives better results.(Chuck Bolland, FL August 26, 2008)

4845.25 Radio Cultura Ondas de Tropicais 0924. Choral national anthem in progress at tune-in. Full canned Portuguese station ID announcementby announcer with greetings at beginning and end, then into English pop song. Good. Usual utility station here was off during the ID fortunately!! (29 August)(Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

6080.05 Radio Anhanguera, Goiania (presumed) 0934 Brazilian music with male announcer in Portuguese between songs. Commerical block at 0945, but seemed to be mixing with HCJB. Five minutes later it appeared Novas de Paz showed up and was dominating the frequency. (29 August)(Dave Valko, PA/HCDX)

6020, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata, Japan, 1420-1430*, Aug 29, ex: 6015, mostly in French (a new language for them), with French IDs, sign-off announcement all in English, good reception, no jamming. A little over a month ago they moved from 6020 to 6015 to get away from the jamming, but recently I noticed the jamming had followed them to 6015, so was time again to move (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

5040, AIR Jeypore, 1337-1349, Aug 29, in English and vernacular, sports pogram, "This program is brought to you by the Department of …, Government of India", poor-fair (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4412.58v, Lao National Radio - Sam Neua (presumed), 1222-1231*, Aug 28, parallel to 6130 (at 1224, 1226 and 1227 had distinctive brief musical selections that clearly matched up), 1230 no longer parallel, woman gives assume the sign-off announcement, no choral Anthen today. So their format does change a little from day to day. (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

15120 Voice of Nigeria (Ikorodu). 1920-1940. 23 Aug 08. English. fro pop music program. S3/Poor. (Joe Wood, TN).

5039.25, Radio Libertad, 1048-1105, Was very surprised to hear this at this late time. At tune in, noted Huaynos and other types of music. As the time slides away, sodoes the signal with it fading into the noise and then popping up again. At the end of thesong, a male in brief Spanish Language comments. This followed with more music.Sunrise is schedule in Fort Myers which is 100 miles west of me, for 1058 UTC, sowe are definitely in the "gray zone"at the present time here in Clewiston, but only for acouple more minutes. At 1100 other noisy stuff starts clogging the frequency covering overLibertad's signal, which was poor to nil anyway during the period. Signal is almostgone for the day at 1104 UTC. (Chuck Bolland, Fl August 28, 2008)

6925USB Sycko Radio. 0243-0250. 16 Aug 08. English. ID as “Sycko Radio69-25,” “Old McDonald had a Farm,” and not much else readable. Poor.(Joe Wood, TN).

11735 Voice of Tanzania-Zanzibar (Dole). 1940-2041. 23 Aug 08.Swahili. Nice program of Desert music with brief announcements by YL. Mentionof “Dar Es Salaam” at 2000 and into news. Back to music at 2045. Slight QRMfrom Radio Romania on 11735. S5/Fair. (Wood, TN).