Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Logs

Dear friends,

Here are my latest loggings done on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres longwire in ovlunde:
4760 2358-0010 fade out INDIA 18/19.08 All India Radio-Port Blair (presumed). Vernacular announcement to Indian music. SINPO 25222 (Anker Petersen, Denmark)

4840 *2355-2400 INDIA 18.08 All India Radio-Mumbai AIR interval signal to Hindi announcement. National hymn to announcement and string music. SINPO 45444. (Anker Petersen, Denmark)

4845.00 2310-0030 MAURITANIA 18/19.08 Radio Mauritanie, Nouakchott Arabic/French Back on SW after being absent nearly a month. Interview in Arabic about Sharia Law in Iran and Iraq, two speeches in French both ending with "Vive la Démocratie en Mauritanie!" followed by an excited speaker in Arabic, 0000 long comment in Arabic. SINPO 55444. (Anker Petersen, Denmark)

4940 0010-0030 INDIA 19.08 All India Radio-Guwahati Assamese (presumed) Station announcement to Indian songs. SINPO 34343 CWQRM. (Anker Petersen, Denmark)

6035.00 0010-0030 BHUTAN 19.08 Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Sangaygang Dzongkha ann, drums and horn music, beautiful songs. SINPO 34343 QRM from 6030. (Anker Petersen, Denmark)

6135.0 2245-2255 BRAZIL 18.08 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP. Portuguese news from São Paulo mentioning "propaganda nacional" ! SINPO 34343 weak heterodyne from Bolivia (Anker Petersen, Denmark)
(Source: Dario Monferini/Play DX)