Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blogs Logs - Clandestine radio activity

All times UTC
*sign-on sign-off* //parallel frequency

3912, Voice of the People (tentative) Kyonggi-do, Korea South, 0959 carrier on, *1000-1028*, Jul 12 and 13, maybe a local pop selection (seems to be exactly the same selection played on both days), carrier off at 1030, no talks! SINPO 33433. (Otávio)

6015, Shiokaze - Sea Breeze, via Yamata, Japan, *1400, July 21, new frequency - temporary move from 6020?, Japanese. Is this their new anti-jamming alternative frequency (ex: 6005) or a new primary frequency (ex: 6020)? Am glad they did not return to 6005, due to the station interference caused there by Echo of Hope on 6003. Before 1400 heard weak Asian station (assume Xinjiang PBS), time pips and assume it was China's CNR-8 that was totally covered by Shiokaze signing on after the pips. (Howard)

6100, Radio República, via Sackville, canada 0245-0300, Jul 10, Spanish talk about Cuba. Station ID and jingles. SINPO 45344. (Petersen)

6300, National Radio of Sahara Arab Democratic Republic, Rabouni, Algeria 1815-2400*, Jul 11 and 21, Arabic talks, sports program to songs, 2300 Spanish program to ID and close down announcement. SINPO observed 45344 - 22432. (D'Angelo, Liangas, Otávio)

6348, Radio Echo of Hope, Goyang, South Korea, 1820-1826, Jul 21. Pop song then talks in Korean!! Song. (Liangas)

6600, Voice of the People, via Gimpo, South Korea, 1102-1106 and 1650-2007, Jul 07, 10, 20 and 21, Korean ann, operatic songs, 1700 news read by man and woman, 1720 more operatic songs, comment and operatic songs again! SINPO 33343 heavily QRMed from a digital stream on 6598 kHz. (Liangas, Petersen and Slaen)

7205, IBC-Tamil, via Wertachtal, 0007-0059*, Jul 11, long talks in Tamil, ID and apparent news at 0030. Musical program mixed with talks after the news. Music fanfare followed by ID and closing announcement at 0059, fair. (D'Angelo)

9515, Radio Republica, via Rampisham, 2216-2219, Jul 09, Spanish news program about Cuba and Latin Ameircan countries. Station ID with schedule, ID audible as, "Para saber o que se pasa en Cuba, sintonise Radio Republica. " SINPO 43433. (Otavio)

9590, Sudan Radio Service, via Dhabbaya, United Arab Emirates (250 kW / 240 degrees) Has this detailed language schedule to East Africa: 1700-1730: Monday in Dinka, Tuesday in Zande, Wednesday in Moro, Thursday in Bari and French in Shiluk. 1730-1800 Monday-Friday in English. (Ivanov via BC-DX and Gupta). Heard Tuesday Jul 22, *1700-1710, in scheduled Zande. SINPO 33333, ex 9840. (Petersen)

11805, Sudan Radio Service, via Dhabbaya, United Arab Emirates (250 kW / 240 degrees). On new frequency, 0300-0330 Monday-Fridya in English, 0330-0500 Mon-Friday in Arabic. Broker: V.T. Communications. (Ivanov via BC-DX and Gupta)

15325, Sudan Radio Service, via Dhabbaya, United Arab Emirates (250 kW / 240 degrees) On new frequency, 0500-0530 Arabic, 0530-0600 English. Broker: V.T. Communications. (Ivanov via BC-DX and Gupta)

Voice of Biafra International via WHRI (specifically the WHR 1 transmitter in Cypress Creek, SC) verified on its former frequency 15665 with a full data Over 20 Years of Shortwave Ministry to the World, card in 151 days for a report send to South Bend, Indiana address. (D'Angelo)
(Source: DX Window # 355 via Ander Petersen/DSWC Intl)