Thursday, August 07, 2008

Follow the Olympics via shortwave radio

One Day and Counting

Just in case you're counting - the summer Olympics begin in Beijing, tomorrow August 8 and extend to August 24th, 2008.

There are a plethora of sources to follow the games, and shortwave radio is no exception. For weeks, China Radio International has been covering the preparations with news and featured interviews with organizers, workers and athletes.

The official website of One World One Dream includes schedules, operations, photos, and links to Olympic Culture, Ceremonies, Olympic Education, Torch relay and much more.

NBC, America's offical Olympic network, covers news and video at The network has launched an online video hub for the 2008 Olympics, which features free
on-demand video for over 20 sports in HD.

ESPN is covering every venue in China. Key moments of the Summer games, athlete bios and stats - past and present at

If you're looking for the extra edge, via shortwave radio, why not go to the source? China Radio International broadcast 24 hous a day on shortwave and streaming audio at

English broadcast

30 March - 26 October 2008
All times UTC

Target Areas: af (Africa) as (Asia) eu (Europe) me (Middle East) na (North America) pa (Pacific)

0000-0057 6020na 6075as 6180as 7130eu 9570na
11885as 13750as 15125as

0030-0100 11730as
0100-0127 11730as

0100-0157 6020na 6175as 9470eu 9535as 9570na
9580na 9790na 11870as

0200-0257 11770as 13640as

0230-0257 15435me

0300-0357 9690na 9790na 15110as 11770as 13750as
15120as 15785as

0400-0457 6020na 6080na 13750as 15120as 15785as
17730as 17855as

0500-0557 6020na 6190na 11880as 15350as 15465as
17505me 17730as 17855as

0600-0657 11710af 11870me 11880as 13660as 15140me
15350as 15465as 17505af/me 17540as 17710as

0700-0757 11880as 13660as 13710eu 15350as 15465as
17490eu 17540as 17710as
0800-0857 11620as 11880as 13710eu 15350as 15465as
17490eu 17540as

0900-0957 11620as 15210pa 15270eu 15350as 17490eu
17570eu 17690pa 17750as

1000-1057 6040na 11610as 11635as 13590as 13620as
13720as 15190as 15210pa 15350as 15390as
17490eu 17690pa

1100-1157 5955as 6040na 11650as 11660as 11750na
11795as 13590as 13620as 13650eu 13720as
13645as 17490eu

1200-1257 5955as 9460as 9600as 9645as 9730as
9760pa 11650as 11660as 11690as 11760pa
11980as 13645as 13650eu 13790eu 17490eu

1300-1357 5955as 9570na 9650na 9730as 9760pa
9765as 9870as 11660as 11760pa 11980as
13610eu 13755as 13790eu 15260na 15440aca

1400-1457 5955as 9765as 9870as 11675as 11765as
13685af 13710eu 13740na 13790eu 17630af

1500-1557 5955as 6100af 7160as 7325as 9800as
9870as 11965eu 13640eu 13685af 13740na

1600-1657 6100af 6180me 9570af 9760me 11900af
11940eu 11965eu 13760eu

1700-1757 6100af 6145eu 7130as 7265me 7315me
7335eu 9570af 9595eu 11900af 11940eu

1800-1857 7120eu 9600eu 13760eu

1900-1957 7295af/me 9435af/me

2000-2030 7160eu

2000-2057 5960eu 5985af 7190eu 7285eu 7295af/me
9440af/me 9600eu

2100-2127 11640af 13630af

2100-2157 5960eu 6135eu 7190eu 7285eu 7325af

2200-2257 7175eu

2200-2300 9590as

2300-0000 5915as 5990am 6145na 7180as 910as
11690as 11970ca

2300-0000 DRM 9800ca 11640af 13630af

China Radio International is continuing their special Olympic QSL cards and postcards to mark the occasion. Reception reports may be sent to: English Service, P.O. Box 4216, CRI-2, Beijing 100040 China or via emal to Streaming audio is available at CRI website

Bejing has declared to the world "we are ready" - during this special event why not add to your QSL collection from China Radio International.
(Source: Gayle Van Horn, Frequency Manager/Monitoring Times SW Guide)