Monday, August 18, 2008

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

Thanks to FRW crowd for the latest newsletter - here is a sampling of what the pirate chasers are hearing. Enjoy!

All times UTC *sign-on sign-off*

Ann Hoffer Radio
6925USB, 08/03/08 22:00-35 SIPNO 34333. Ann Hoffer live playing her guitar. Slight and fleeting UTE QRM. off with 73's from Ann (Ragnar-MI)

MAC Shortwave
6850AM 8/10 0108-0126 Good signal The show started with John Guitar Man playing music by the likes of Gensis/Phil Collins. The Ultraman show came on next. The audio was much lower for Ultraman. (Majewski CT)

Real Pirate Radio
6925USB 2334-0028* 8/9-10/08 SIO=242. Sttion sign-on with classical orchastra music, followed by a program of mainly rock music. The old Convoy CB novelty tune, Boston's More Than A Feeling and other rock music. ID's given twice by announcer. Phonetic #s station parody at 2337. Gave no address, but asked for reception reports on FRN. (Zeller-OH)

6925 08/08/08 23:08 SINPO 35233 August show with drum cadence and random audio clips. Political speech from Cmdr. Bunny (Ragnar-MI)

Euro Pirates
Holland: Radio Delta, 6310, 0030-0105+. 10 August. Europops, dead air, then into Dutch polkas and USA C&W mx. Full ID by OM giving address as P.O. Box 65, 7260 AB, Ruurlo, Holland. SIO: 343. [Lobdell-MA]
(Source: FRW #653 via Bill Finn)

Additional pirate log
Sycko Radio
6925USB 0243-0250. 16 Aug 08. English. ID as "Sycko Radio 69-25," "Old McDonald had a Farm," and not much else readable. Poor. (Wood, TN/NASWA Flash Sheet # 342).