Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Logs

Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent a portion of additional logs recently cut from my SWBC Logs column in Monitoring Times magazine, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to all the contributors for your kind words and support.
Gayle Van Horn

All times UTC, frequencies in kHz, English unless otherwise indicated // parallel frequencies.
* sign-on - sign-off *

CVC International (Darwin) 17830, 0430. Chinese religious text SIO 333. (S MacKenzie).17830, 0433-0436. Chinese for good signal SINPO 34333, one of only a few on the band at this hour. (J Evans).

Radio Australia (Brandon) 11660, 2052-2105. Pop music segment with Radio Australia announcements. Newscast at 2100. Good signal SINPO 44333. (J Evans).

Radio Australia (Darwin) 15180, 0411-0418. Bahasa service for announcer's slow text. Moderate signal with fading. SINPO 34222. Slightly stronger on 15415. (J Evans).

Radio Australia (Shepparton) 15515, 0428. Sporting event commentary, // 15240 (SIO 333) // 13690 (SIO 322) via Shepparton. (S MacKenzie).

Echo of Hope (for North Korea) 6003, 1108-1112. Korean news from announcer pair. SINPO 34433. Voice of People clandestine noted on 6600, 1102-1107 in Korean. SINPO 23432. (A Slaen).

Shiokaze/Sea Breeze (via Yamata, Japan) 6020, * 1400-1405. Rarely heard in Chinese (just as with their English programming, the announcers had strong accents) on with piano interval signal to "JSR" identification. Moderate jamming observed, along with light QRM from assumed Voice of Vietnam. (R Howard).

La Voz del Guaviere (San Jose del Guaviere) 6035, 1020-1026. Spanish. Very nice local music to brief announcement to Catholic programming. SINPO 24222. (A Slaen).

Radio Havana Cuba 1200, 2305. Spanish. Children's choir music to text on Venezuela, SIO 444. Spanish on 13760, 0315 // 9600. (S MacKenzie). China Radio International (via Cuba relay) 9790, 0452 in Chinese.(S MacKenzie).

Radio Nacional Venezuela via Cuban relay, 13680, 2327. Spanish text to music selections amid several mentions of "RNV" identification (S MacKenzie).

Radio Djibouti 4780, *0259-0325. Sign-on with Djibouti national anthem. Opening Arabic announcements at 0300. Koran recitations at 0302 to local music at 0325. Signal poor with CODAR interference. (B Alexander).

Radio Wadi-el-Nil 9250, 2150-2201.* Local Middle eastern style music to Arabic talk. Koran recitations at 2154. Anthrm at 1100 and programming abruptly off at 2200 in mid-song. Signal fair. (B Alexander).

Radio Verdad (Chiquimula) 4052.5, 0527-0538. English service including very somber inspirational music that would have made a funeral look lively. Fair signal quality. (J Wood).
4052.5, 0416-0424. Spanish talk to mentions of Verdad and Guatemala. Chime music at 0417 to brief announcement. Upbeat religious vocals amid good signal quality. (J Evans).

Voice of Indonesia 9525.95, 1106-1111. Vernacular news bulletin to lady announcer's comments. SINPO 24322 (A Slaen). 9525.97, 1222. ( R. Howard)

RRI-Fak Fak 4790.03, 1243-1311. Bahasa Indonesian service for pop songs and station jingles at 1300. Song-of-the-Coconut-Island interval signal to station ID. Jakarta news relay amid fair signal quality, observing lite CODAR interferences. (R Howard).

Radio Nikkei (Tokyo) 6055, 1119-1125. Japanese conversations to pop music program. SINPO 23432 // 3925. (A Slaen). 6055, 1314-1330.* English lessons with some Japanese. Good signal quality // 3925 fair. ( R Howard)

Radio Japan/NHK 13650, 2338. Burmese service including program comments and music. SIO 433. (S MacKenzie)/

Asyik FM 6049.64, 1155. Via Kajang for vocal music to 1200, followed by news in Malaysian to anthem-style tune. Announcers chat to 1221, then pop music. Signal fair quality. (J Wilkins)

Klasik Nasional FM via RTM 5964.93, 1306-1349. Vernacular service to RTM Kuala Lumpur newscast (news only is // 7130 Sarawak FM via RTM). Easy-listening pop songs to ID for "Klasik Nasional" and "Klasik Nasional." Fair signal quality. (R Howard).

Netherlands Antilles
Radio Japan relay via Bonaire 11935, 0330. Japanese programming of talks and pop music. Observed on // 5960 (SIO 444) via Canada relay (S MacKenzie).

Radio Nigeria (Kaduna) 4770, 0516. Programming text about the Nigerian President. Poor signal quality. (J Wood).

RTVM 5995, *0555-0615. Guitar interval signal to national anthem by military band at 0558. Flute interval signal at 0559 and openign French identification announcements. Local tribal music at 0601. Signal weak and poor with co-channel splatter. (B Alexander).

Candela FM 6104.88, 0353-0406. Very tentative log on this station. Spanish observed, including Latin American style music, best monitored in LSB. Signal poor to almost fair. ( R Howard)

Papua New Guinea
Radio Manus 3315, 1310-1317. Presumed this station for weak signal during pop music program. (R Howard).

Radio Rossii 7320, 0917-0933. Russian. Announcer segments to jazz style music at 0926. Commercials to station ID at 0930, back to music at 0933. Signal poor-fair // 7200 Yakutsk fading in by 0930. (S Barbour)

Voice of Russia (Petropavlovsk) 13635, 0440. Announcer's chat to program features. Noted on // 9860 (SIO 333) via Vatican relay. (S MacKenzie)

Radio Japan/NHK 11740, 1254-1302. Listed as Vietnamese. Announcement segments between music to 1259. Time signal pips to interval signal, followed by Mandarin service. Sign-on routine to news amid poor-weak signal (S Barbour).

Miraya FM relay 15650, 1509-1512. Presumed station with English news about Sudan. Arabic service at 1511 amid poor and noisy conditions. (B Alexander).

NEXUS/IRRS relay 15725, 1417-1430.* Sunday broadcast with religious programming. Signal conditions poor. (B Alexander).

South Africa
BBC World Service relay 6005, 0329. BBC station ID to brief comments. Pop music program to update segment on Zimbabwe, // 6145 (SIO 332) via Ascension Island. (S Mackenzie).

Sri Lanka
Deutsche Welle relay via Trincomalee. 15595, 1404-1415. Pashto service. Announcer's text for poor signal quality, just above the noise level. SINPO 24222. (J Evans).

Radio Omdurman 7200, 0326-0340. Arabic. Announcer duo between segments of recitations. Signal fair-poor, battling with co-channel Bulgaria which was dominate throughout. (S Barbour).

BBC relay (Nakhon Sawan) 11750, 1346-1400.* Two male announcers conversing at noise level. Language was English, but could not understand much of the content. SINPO 24222 at best. (J Evans).

Radio Thailand (Udon Thani) 11625, 1357-1400.* Thai service of talk/announcements. Slow style music at 1359. Close of broadcast at 1400 during poor signal quality, SINPO 24222. (J Evans).

United Arab Emirates
radio Japan relay 13740, 1833-1853. Japanese service of musical variety program with comedy skits and music hall vocals. Signal good (S7). (J Wood).

United States
WHRI 11785, 2320. Contemporary Christian music to 2330. Station identification followed by addition tunes. SIO 444. 17800, 0410 with ID and sermon text on the Garden of Eden at 0415. (S MacKenzie).

AFN/AFRTS 5446 via Key West, FL, 0335-0343. Newscast to ESPN sports roundup. Poor signal with significant fading (SINPO 24222) // 7811 via Key West observed with less noise and a slightly stronger signal. (J Evans).

CVC 11790, 0220-0250. Presumed this station with English service. Christian inspirational music. Very weak-threshold signal. (B Alexander).

Radio Amazonas (Puerto Ayacucho) 4940v, 0115-0140. Signal still here with a strong, very distorted signal quality. Latin American music to Spanish announcements and promotionals. Station ID at 0126. (B Alexander).

Radio TV, Son La (presumed) 4739.59v, 1220-1241. Vietnamese service including indigenous music and singling/chanting. Announcer's talk at 1230 for fair signal quality. Noted station on 5975, 1305-1317. Vietnamese // 7210 // 9530. (R.Howard)

Brian Alexander, PA
Scott Barbour, NH
Jim Evans, TN
Ron Howard, CA
Stewart MacKenzie, CA
Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina
Joe Wood, TN
John Wilkins, CO