Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Australian DX Report podcast

The latest episode, No. 232, of the weekly 15-minutes internet-delivered Australian DX Report audio news magazines about shortwave broadcasting is now available for download from the Australian Internet Radio Service website at http://adxr.podbean.com

The site has been extensively modified, with new features added.

Free subscriptions to the service are available at the site.

Each episode includes a summary of solar/geophysical activity, schedule changes and information, propagation news, and monitoring reports.

Short musical interludes are featured.

Using resources of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association, the podcasts are very popular:

- channel views have reached 39,343
- 2299 site visitors (last 30 days)
- 1776 feed hits (last 30 days)
- 233 episode hits (last 30 days)

Shorter versions of the ADXR are broadcast over HCJB-Australia (monthly in DX Partyline), WWCR (weekly in the DX Block), AWR (monthly in Wavescan), and World Harvest Radio (monthly in DXing with Cumbre)

Soon, the episodes will also be available on shortwave over NEXUS-IRRS, reaching out to Africa, Middle East, and Europe through high powered facilities at Rimatska Sobota, Slovak Republic.

Your comments and reactions about the site and service would be welcomed!

Regards from Melbourne

Bob Padula