Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blog Logs

special thanks to Ron Howard and Cumbre DX, for sharing the following loggings.

All times UTC *sign-on / sign-off*

15344.88v, Radio Nacional, 2259-0047, Nov 28-29. Fútbol coverage in Spanish, after 0030 noted IDs for the regional station “Radio Nacional Santa Fe,” 0032 reading out numbers (sounded maybe like a lotto?). Signal mostly fair.

Equatorial Guinea
15190, Radio Africa, 2244-2257*, Nov 28. Tony Alamo program, assume interference from Brazil, but too weak to make out after sign off.

5765 USB, Armed Forces Network. Continues to be very erratic, 1322, Nov 29, off the air.

1447, Nov 30. Finally back to the normal AFN shortwave format. Dr. Joy Browne call-in show, parallel on AFN Diego Garcia (4319 USB), which had about a one second delay.1310 + 1416, Dec 1, off the air again.

4990, AIR Itanagar, 1352, Dec 1. Indigenous chanting/singing, 1415 news in Hindi followed by local ID and news in English (World AIDS Day observed, etc.). Weather forecast, program in English started with “broadcasting from All India Radio Itanagar” on MW “675 kHz and shortwave on “4,990 kHz,” along with “corresponding” frequencies in meters. Talk given about “self confidence.” Signal almost fair, certainly one of their better receptions. No sign of PBS Hunan.

4950, Radio Kashmir, 0119, Nov 29. Probably missed their sign on by a few seconds. AIR interval signal - Vande Mataram song. Subcontinent music to bottom-of-the-hour time pips. Sounded like the news in vernacular. Signal almost fair, best in USB to get away from Angola carrier.

Papua New Guinea
3905, Radio New Ireland, 1333-1347, Dec 1. Special coverage of a speech given in English for the observance of World AIDS Day; “N-B-C New Ireland” station ID.

5960, Radio Fly (presumed), 1630-1650, Nov 29. Pop songs (Beatles, Love Me Do, etc.). A few announcements in English but could not make them out. Signal poor, but during earlier checks starting about 1315 was unable to hear them at all.

4835.0, AIR Gangtok. Ex: 4837.19. Are they really back on frequency to stay this time? Noted Nov 29, 30 and Dec 1, exactly on frequency from around 1315 to 1430.

6065, Radio Christian Voice/CVC, 1605, Nov 29. After CNR2 signs off (1605*) they are in the clear. Carried DW news in English, 1611 IDs for “Radio Christian Voice.” DJ with pop songs and an interview. Signal almost fair, via long path.
(Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean Beach, CA/Etón E1)