Thursday, December 02, 2010

Clandestine reactivates on 3970 kHz

Voice of Iranian Kurdistan - Clandestine

*sign-on // parallel frequency

3970.04 kHz. Via Salah Al-Din, Northern Iraq, *0226-0335 UTC, Nov 17, 19, 21, 27 and 28. Trumpet interval signla to Kurdish ID as: " Era dengi Kurdistani Irana." Announcement, political talks about Iran and songs. Very clear as long as the Iranian jammer stayed on 3975 or 3980, SINPO 45333. Heard // 4870 or 4890, but 3970 was 12 seconds delayed! At at 0330 the jammer arrived to 3970 resulting in SINPO 43332. My logging on Nov 11 in DX-Window No. 415 with the clear ID (recorded): "Era dengi Kurdistani Iraq" seems to be a mis-announcement by the speaker in the early morning! (Petersen). At 1300 on Nov 19 I could hear it a short time without jammer, because they were late returning from 3980. The signal was very weak, but I think there was first a frequency announcement giving at least three frequencies and then lady IDs: "In Sedaye Kurdistani Iran" in Farsi. I could not confirm, if this was // with 4880, but probably not. They also signed off much earlier than 4880, on Nov 19, maybe 1330. (Ritola)
(DX Window # 416 via Anker Petersen)