Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog Logs

Special thanks to Harold Sellers of ODXA, for sharing the following loggings. Look for more logs soon before we take a brief break for Christmas.

Harold Sellers, Vernon, British Columbia
Listening mobile in the pre-dawn hours with an Eton E1 and Sony AN1 active antenna.

All times UTC

2325 AUSTRALIA. ABC Northern Territory, Tennant Creek, 1401 Dec 21, with movie review. Poor, //2310 poor, 2485 very poor. (Sellers-BC)

2368.5 AUSTRALIA. Radio Symban, 1357 Dec 21. Music, speaker at 1400. Too weak to understand anything or to even confirm language. Very poor. (Sellers-BC)

4910 INDIA. AIR, Jaipur, 1533 Dec 21, with same English news as 4920 and 5010. Very weak. (Sellers-BC)

4920 INDIA. AIR, Chennai, 1532 Dec 21, with English news from New Delhi, 1539 ID. Fair. (Sellers-BC)

5010 INDIA. AIR, Thiruvananthapuram, 1530 Dec 21, woman with news in English. Poor. (Sellers-BC)

5030 MALAYSIA. RTM Sarawak, 1522 Dec 21, Celine Dion song, song in Malay, 1529 man in Malay. Poor. (Sellers-BC)

6115 RUSSIA. Trans World Radio via Samara, 1505 Dec 21, in Urdu, Pakistani vocals, then man with religious talk. Good. (Sellers-BC)

9690 INDIA. All India Radio, 1434 Dec 21, in English with a commentary, 1440 into Indian music. Poor. (Sellers-BC)

9915 CYPRUS. BBC, 1422 Dec 21, “Outlook” reporting on a beauty pageant for children in the USA, 1429 ID. Poor. (Sellers-BC)