Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hamburger Lokalradio set for two December broadcast

For almost ten years, Hamburger Lokalradio (HLR) offers international shows for listeners living outside their Hamburg FM 96,0 MHz reach. The station rents airtime from Media Broadcast for programmes on 6045 kHz (first Sunday of each month, between 10-11 UTC), and from WRN for weekly shows on the WRN Deutsch channel.

Since December 2009, HLR can be heard daily from 10-11 UTC on 5980, with 1 kW, using the Kall transmitter site. To commemorate one year of low-power short wave programmes, Hamburger Lokalradio will air two multi-hour shows. They can be heard on Su, Dec 05, and Su, Dec 26, from 06-16 UTC, on 5980. Most of the programmes will feature highlights from the HLR archives. In addition, there are programmes in English, Spanish, and Swedish. Here are some excerpts from the line-up:

Sunday, December 05

0600 R Tropical, a show in Spanish with Raul Kristeller
0700 50 Jahre Rundfunk in Deutschland, two hour feature on the history of radio broadcasting in Germany
0900 Für Freunde der Kurzwelle / For Short Wave Fans, featuring audio samples of former international radio services
1000 Hallo Hamburg, a show in Swedish with Bo Nyström
1100 Schwarz auf weiss, a programme on literature with Thomas Voelkner
1200 New Letters on the Air - A Magazine of Writing and Art, in English
1300 R Nostalgie, featuring songs from the early decades of audio recording
1500 Jazz-Brunch, one-hour music show with Hans-Olaf Henkel

Sunday, December 26

0700 Die Geschichte der Piratensender / History of Pirate Radio, show in English
0800 Weihnachtszeit im Hamburger Lokalradio, christmas novella by Fyodor Dostoyewsky
0900 Für Freunde der Kurzwelle / For Short Wave Fans, featuring studio recordings from Latin American stations
1000 Hallo Hamburg, a show in Swedish with Bo Nyström
1200 Swingin' Down The Lane, a music show in English with David Miller
1500 Jazz und Literatur; HLR's Gaby Helbig interviews Peter Schulz, former major of Hamburg and author of the book "Rostock, Hamburg und Shanghai"

Hamburger Lokalradio welcomes reception reports which can be sent to: Hamburger Lokalradio, c/o Kulturzentrum Lola, Lohbruegger Landstr. 8, 21031 Hamburg, Germany; E-Mail: . Return postage is appreciated. Reception reports for daily programmes on 5980, monthly shows on 6045 and relays via WRN will also be confirmed. (Voelkner)

6085, Classic Broadcast test transmission, 0959-1021, Su Nov 21, German, pop music and IDs "Sie hoeren eine technische Versuchssendung ueber den Kurzwellensender HE3 auf 6085 kHz von Classic Broadcast in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Funkhaus Euskirchen, Strahlungsleistung 1kW", 35433. (Robic)
(DX Window 416 via Anker Petersen)