Tuesday, December 14, 2010

QSL Report Central

The following QSL contributions were omitted from an upcoming QSL Report column in Monitoring Times, due to space constraints.

Amateur Radio
Canada:CK6EX. 20 meters USB. Full data card via ARRL. Received in six months. (Larry Van Horn, NC)

Canada: VY2TT, 20 meters USB. Full data photo card via ARRL. received ub three months, (Van Horn)

France: TM2V. 10/15/20 meters USB. Full data card via ARRL. Received in seven months via
ARRL. (Van Horn)

Germany: DF2UU, 10 meters USB. Full data card via ARRL. Received in eight months. (Van Horn)

Greece: SV2CXI, 20 meters USB. Full data color scenery card via ARRL. received in two years.
(Van Horn).

Italy: IK4ALM, 40 meters LSB. Full data color scenery card via ARRL. Received in two years and three months. (Van Horn).

Japan: JA7NVF, 10/15 meters. Full data color scenery card via ARRL. Received in six months.
(Van Horn).

Radiostation Belarus, 7360 kHz. Full data card signed by Larisa Suarez. Received in 95 days
for report to: radiostation-belarus@tvr.by (Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia/playdx)

Czech Republic
Radio Prague, 7355 kHz, Partial data The Year of Czech Music card, plus program schedule and wallet calendar, received via postal mail. Received in ten days for an English report posted online. (Rod Pearson, FL). Get this station confirmed while you can. Scheduled to leave shortwave Jan.1, 2011.

Radio Oriental, 4780 kHz. Full data card signed by Luis Espin Espinova-Gerente, and station promotional material. Received inb 120 days for report to: Av. Jumandy 536 Tena, Napo, Ecuador (Rodriguez).

Equatorial Guinea
Radio Africa, 15190 kHz. Two full data cards for monitoring two broadcast. Color card features station's transmitter. Station letter and program schedule included. Received in one month from Pleasanton, California address. (Sam Wright, Biloxi, MS)

MV Baltic Radio via Wertchal, Germany, 6140 kHz. Full data card from Ronald Rohde. Received in 46 days for report to: R&R Medienservice, Seestrasse 17, DE-19089 Gohren, Germany. (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

Radio Netherlands relay, 11655 kHz. Full data, A Dutch Morning card. Received in 78 days for postal report to Hilversum. (Banks).

Radio Netherlands relay via Kigali, 9895 kHz. Full data station QSL. Received in 57 days for report to the Hilversum address. (Olanda/playdx)

China Radio International relay via Noblejas, 9690 kHz. Full data The Great Family of the Chinese Nation card, plus program scheule and calendar. Received in 30 days for an English report. (Wright).

Onda Cero Madrid, 954 AM kHz. Two reception reports confirmed with two seperate verification letters, signed by Celso del Rio Marcos-Subdirector de Programas, plus station stickers. Received in three-and-half years. Station address: Onda Cero Madrid, e/Fuerteventura, 12, ES-28700 San Sebastian de los Reyes. (Osuna).

Sri Lanka
Deutsche Welle relay, 13780 kHz. Full data DW card with site notation. Received in 20 days for an English report. (Pearson)

Radio Netherlands relay via Trincomalee, 9895 kHz. Full data scenery card. Received in 57 days for report to Hilversum address. (Olanda/playdx)

Radio Damascus, 12085 kHz. Full data QSL card, signed by Amelia Puga (Segretaria Redaccion Espanol) plus stickers, flag of radio station and souvenir sheet of the Arabic alphabet. Received in seven days for report to amelucas@hotmail.com (Alvaro Lopez Osuna, Spain/playdx)

Bible Voice via Yangi Yul, 7485 kHz. Full data card. Received in 30 days for e-repor to mail@biblevoise.org (Luca Botto Fiora, Italy/playdx)

United Kingdom
Spectrum Radio, 558 kHz AM. Full data verification via email from John Ogden-Station Director. Received in three days for repor to: jogden@spectrumradio.net . Website: http://www.spectrumradio.net/ (Mauricio Molano, Spain/playdx)

United States
WDCD, 1540 kHz AM. Full data email verification. Received in five minutes from my follow-up email to Rich Leighton richleighton.djr@gmail.com (Molano)

WTDY, 1670 kHz AM, Madison, WI. Partial data letter from Rex Charger-Program Director, plus coverage map. Received in 23 days. (Molano)

Vatican State
Vatican Radio, 11740 kHz. Full data St. Peter's Basilica scenery card, plus program
schedule, stickers and photo card of Pope Benedict. Received in 30 days. (Tom Banks, Dallas, TX)

YVNG Ondas Del Mar, 1380 kHz AM. Full data verification received via email. received in eight hours for email follow up report to: ondasdelmar1380@gmail.com (Molano)