Friday, December 31, 2010

Radio and TV Marti broadcasting Globovision's Alo Ciudadano

Globovision’s citizen call-in program about life in Venezuela, Alo Ciudadano (Hello Citizen), will now reach a Cuban audience via Radio and TV Martí. As part of expanded coverage of relevant international news, TV Martí began broadcasting Alo Ciudadano on27 December, and Radio Martí will soon air the programme.

“This interactive programme format showcases the compelling approach we are taking toward a 360-degree strategy in news and information,” said Carlos García-Pérez, director of Radio and TV Martí. “We believe our viewers and listeners will find this audience driven programming from Venezuela very relevant to their own experience.”

In a country where many newspapers and broadcast companies are closing down or scaling back, Alo Ciudadano remains one of the few broadcast forums for independent voices. In Alo Ciudadano citizens express their opinions and/or complaints live on the phone or via text messages, which appear on the news ticker.

The programme will be broadcast to Cuba via Radio and TV Martí, on Channel 13 (VHF), Channel 20 (UHF), AM and shortwave radio and will be available online at
(Source: Broadcasting Board of Governors/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)