Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pirate radio logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on/ sign-off*

Ann Hoffer
6925USB, 2212-2217:21.* Ann strumming and singing folk tunes. Off abruptly w/"73-73". SIO=3+53+, would have been O=4 except audio was a tad muted. ID per FRN post, none heard. (Frodge-MI)

Captain Ron Shortwave
6900 USB, 0035-0106. SINPO 22433
caught a Capt Ron ID at 0040, listing a bunch of other shortwave pirates. Very noisy. California Uber Alles. Signal improved by 0100 (Ragnar)

Captain Morgan Shortwave
6925AM 0213-0250.* Vintage music program with male announcer in English providing two IDs note and gmail address at 0232 and 0250 closing. Poor to fair signal. (Rich D’Angelo/FCDX-PA)

Hunk a Junk Radio
6925USB, 2221, SIO 333. Some interference from the pesques, FDR speech about the Japanese in WWII. Station ID at 2221, Mighty Mouse theme, Mr. Ed theme. Signoff at 2225 (Fansome, PA)

Liquid Radio
6925AM, 0013-0022. Signal weak and poor. Dance music and just managed to hear the ID as liquidradio.com. At 0022, lost the signal due to another station. The mutual interference rendered both stations unintelligible. (Majewski CT)

MAC Shortwave
3275.9AM, 0146-0157.+ "M-A-C, the station that Paul Starr never listens to." Elvis and the Beatles to Ultraman Show spot into Obama interview. Apparently same show as previous night. SIO 454. (Frodge-MI)

Radio Chaucer (via WBNY Relay Service)
6898AM, 1838-1854* Lots of IDs from a female announcer saying: "you have been listening to Radio Chaucer." Eclectic collections of unrelated stuff that I identified in my log book as "stuff." A rendition of Twist and Shout, which was rather Calypso. Talk in French, Germna nd maybe Italian. Something about "boiling hot coffee" and chatter from a man whose "girlfriend sent me to prison." (Heard on my FRG-7700, so the real frequency could be anything. Some fading, but mostly SIO 353. (Hunsicker, PA)

Radio Casablanca
6940AM, 1505 1645.* Thirties music and many sound clips from the movie. Also Roosevelt's post Pearl Harbor broadcast to nation. (353, Hunsicker, PA)

Radio Ronin Shortwave
6924.60AM, 2309-2330. Caught the last part of their e-mail address @gmail.com, then into a program of songs done by female singers, such as Janis Joplin, Carly Simon, Join Mitchell, California Dreaming by the Mama's and Papa's ( which RRS confirmed that it was one of songs from this e-mail address radioroninshortwave@gmail.com, after posting on the FRN Website )
and Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt. Signal held up pretty good but by 2328 was losing ground and lost the signal pretty much by 2330 fade-out. RRS e-mailed me requesting my address for a hard copy QSL...many thanks to RRS for this special broadcast and the QSL Reply..do appreciate this !!.. (SIO-4/3,5,4/3- Edward Kusalik-ALB)

The Voice of the Testrato (?) (Via WBNY Relay Service)
6898AM, 1903-1910.* "To save your voice, remove your testicles immediately." Alternating classical music and singing by a female, alto or, perhaps, a member of the Vienna boys choir. (Heard on my FRG-7700, so the real frequency could be anything. SIO 454. (Hunsicker, PA)

WEAK Radio
6925USB, 2110-2126. Rhythmic thumping music I couldn't identify, fairly clear WEAK Radio ID at closing. Ended just as gray line propagation was beginning to improve. (Jenkins TX)

Lex Jenkins got one from The Timekeeper at Current Time Radio, QSL #1 for online logs in 2009 (FRN and HFU). Two full data signed QSL sheets with photo of scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest; a signed digital atomic wall clock!; a holiday assortment of pogey bait - beer glass, stickers, lots of Juicy Fruit gum!

Ron Hunsicker got two: First is a well-documented e-mail QSL from Germ Radio for their broadcast on 3 December 2010. The text was printed over a grainy photograph of protoplasm that disappointed the voyeur in me because no cells were dividing. The second is a letter from Commander Bunny that included 1) a full data, post card WBNY Relay QSL for a broadcast of Radio Chaucer on 27 November, 2) a full-data, large card WBNY Relay QSL for a broadcast of the Voice of Testrato on 27 November, 3) a Commander Bunny 2012 Presidential Platform pamphlet, 4) a Commander Bunny for President oval sticker, and 5) a Commander Bunny 2011 calendar refrigerator magnet, which is now on my refrigerator holding a note buy cases of Black &, Tan and Blue Moon.
(FRW 773/774/775)