Thursday, December 02, 2010

Clandestine radio activity

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

3480, AINDF, Wonsan, North Korea, 1055-1104, Nov 16. Korean strident talk, ballad at 1057 into orchestral music and ann 1100, music bit at 1102. Alternating talk by man and woman, fair // 4450-poor. (Barbour in Dxplorer)

3930.69/3931.07, Radio Voice of Kurdistan, Sulaimaniya, Northern Iraq, *0141-0320, Nov 21, 22, 24 and 28, sign on with non-stop Kurdish pop songs, no jamming, Singla S 9+10 dB, at exactly 0200 cut off in a song. Station ID by man in Kurdish: "Era Radyo Dengi Kurdistana", martial song about Kurdistan, 0203 ID by man again, female ID and proclamation about Democracy in Kurdistan, ID again mentioning just one frequency, 0205 orchestra music with big choir, 55444, but then Iranian jamming started, Kurdish talk and some amateur radio operator splatter, 52442(D’Angelo/FCDX and Petersen)

4870.03, Radio Voice of Kashmir, Kingsway, India, *0230-0240, Nov 21, Kashmiri announcement, songs, strong CODAR interference. SINPO 21221. Also heard much better at 1445-1510*, Nov 19, Kashmiri talk, mentioning Copenhagen, Pashto, Sindhi, Pakistan. Indian song, 1507 ID: "Radio Sedayee Kashmir", abrupt sign off, 45434. (Petersen)

4870.78, Voice of Iranian Kurdistan, Salah Al-Din, Northern Iraq, 0245-0335, Nov 17, Kurdish martial songs, 0254 ID by woman: "...... Kurdistan Irana" followed by a martial song, interference from CODAR and a strong tone which at 0259 became the Iranian jammer, 32432. Heard much better on // 3970. At 0330 the clandestine jumped to 4885followed by the jammer also disturbing R Clube do Pará. (Petersen)

4880, SW Radio Africa, via Meyerton, 1640-1644, Nov 14, English talks, SINPO 34343. (Mille)

7505, Free Radio North Korea, via Dhabbaya (p), 1202-1217, Nov 23. News in Korean, weak but clear. (D’Angelo/FCDX)

7530, Suaab Xaa Moo Zoo, via Taipei (100 kW 250 degrees). Daily 2230-2300 in Hmong to South East Asia. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22). Heard at *2230-2238, Nov 22. Chinese style song. Signal strength increasing to SINPO 15232. (Liangas)

7540, Denge Mezopotamya, via Simferopol, Ukraine (129 degrees), daily 1500-1900 (500 kW) and 1900-2100 (300 kW) in Kurdish to West Asia. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22)

7590, Radio Free Sarawak, via Yangiyul, Tajikistan, *2230-2330*, Nov 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 27. Sign on with man speaking in Bahasa Malaysia, but lots of English words were used, mostly talks with numerous mentions of “Malaysia”, vocal selection. Several nice IDs, closing announcement at 2328 with "Radio Free Sarawak" and ann: “Bye-Bye”, tone. SINPO 34333. (D’Angelo/FCDX, Van Arnhem, Bueschel, Cássio, Herkimer, Ivanov, Kuhl in Dxplorer, Liangas, Petersen, Robic, Sellers, Wilkins in Dxplorer). This new clandestine was introduced in DX-Window No. 415. (Ed)

9345, Radio Bilal, via Samara, Russia (250 kW 188 degrees). Daily 1800-1830 in Amharic to East Africa, ex 1800-1900 B09. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22)

9605, Voice of Asena, via Samara, Russia (250 kW 188 degrees), Mo/Fr 1730-1800 in Tigrinya to East Africa, ex Mo/We/Fr B09. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22)

9605, Voice of Meselna Delina, via Samara, Russia (250 kW 188 degrees) Tu/Th/Sa 1730-1800 in Tigrinya to East Africa. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22)

9960, Radio Bar-Kulan, via Meyerton (500 kW), *1556-1700*, Nov 26. Orchestra music, 1600 Horn of Africa song, ID in Somali, mentioned cities where Somali expatriates live, e.g. Stockholm, frequency ann,1601 time signal. Station ID, announcement, Call to Prayer, talk, report from a place with shouting people. Station ID, Horn of Africa music, SINPO 55444. Schedule thanks to Ritola who also told about the other broadcast to Somalia at 0500-0600 on 15750 via Dhabbaya, UAE (500 kW). (Petersen)

11530, Denge Mezopotamya, via Simferopol, Ukraine (300 kW 129 degrees) Daily 0500-1500 in Kurdish to West Asia. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22)

11955, BVBN Radio Sadaye Zindagi, via Wertachtal, Germany (250 kW 090 degrees), 1600-1630, since Nov 12 in Dari to Western Asia, new frequency ex 11895. (Ivanov via BC-DX Nov 19). Heard at 1621-1629*, Nov 28, talk in Dari and music, poor to fair. (D’Angelo)

12130, Voice of Wilderness, *1300-1310, Nov 19, Korean program, moderate-good signal. (Van Arnhem).

13755, Voice of Tibet, via Dhabbaya, UAE (250 kW 070 degrees), 1330-1400 in Tibetan, ex 15430, via BABCOCK. (Ivanov via BC-DX, Nov 22)
(excerpts from DX Window 416)