Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

6297.200 even ! RASD Tindouf west Saharan morning program, monotonous sound male singer, with children choir in background at 0725 UT Dec 21, S=5-7 fade.(wb, Germany/HCDX)

2325, VL8T Tennant Creek, 1002, English. Announcer with music related banter. Pop music including REM, "End of the World...." Signal weak and fairly clear. (Scott Barbour-NH)

6134.80, Radio Santa Cruz, 1015-1030. Just a weak signal with a male in steady Spanish language comments. Conditions are poor this morning on all bands. At 1021 a female joins the male in comments. As noted, the signal was weak and poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6165, RNT, *0426-0510. Sign on with Balafon interval signal. National anthem at 0429. Opening French announcements at 0430. Local Afro-pop music at 0431. French talk. In the clear after Radio Netherlands signs off at 0427. Weak but readable. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4940, Voice of Strait, 1530. Start of the Sunday only program in English, Focus on China. Faintly heard ID ("this is the Voice of Strait, Fuzhou, China"). Far underneath a much stronger AIR Guwahati (AIR news in English). Mostly unusable, checked at 1556 to hear Chinese, so today was just a 25 minute program. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

6125, CNR1, 1311-1340. In English and Chinese with special live coverage from the stadium in Guangzhou of the opening ceremony of the Asian Para Games. Signal good. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

4500, Xinjiang PBS Urumqi, 0042-0105. Listed as Mongolian. Male/female announcers with talk and brief music selections, including disco-era Bee Gees cover tune. Five pips at 0100 and woman announcer with a presumed ID. Right back to more male/female announcers. Signal poor to fair. Battling with utility interference. (Scott Barbour-NH)

7590, Radio Free Sarawak, *2230-2330.* Sign on with instrumental music and opening announcements. Talk in unidentified language. Mentions of Sarawak. Some US pop music. ID at 2328. Said “bye-bye” at 2330 sign off. Fair. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Costa Rica
5954.22, ELCOR - Radio Republica, 0930-0950. Extended schedule with Spanish talk. Fair level but poor overall reception due to adjacent channel splatter, but at least there is no jammer. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6165.000 even! Croatian Radio Deanovec in Croatian language, S=8 signal at 0730 UT Dec 21. The engineer in Zagreb calibrated the tx frequency this morning.(wb, Germany/HCDX)

RHC unusual weak this morning here in Europe on Dec 21. Like yesterday Dec 20 too. Strange, because Sackville and Bonaire are booming in as usual at same time span. (wb, Germany/HCDX)

6180, Radio Nacional de Venezuela, 1030-1045. Program of music and Spanish comments with live ID's by a male. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

Dominican Republic
6025.09, Radio Amanecer Internacional, 0310-0320.* Spanish religious talk. Christian music. Off after religious tune. Poor with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6110, Radio Fana, *0258-0335. Sign on with interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0300. Some instrumental music. Horn of Africa music. Weak. Poor. Mixing with BBC at their scheduled time of *0300-0330*. Radio Fana in the clear with a good signal after 0330. Very weak on // 7210. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9705, Radio Ethiopia, 2050-2100.* Horn of Africa music. Instrumental remakes of US pop music. Possible Amharic news at 2057. Sign off with national anthem at 2059. Signal noted as good. (Brian Alexander, PA)

3250, Radio Luz y Vida San Luis, 1134-1145. English/Spanish. Male announcer with English religious talk. Woman announcer with Spanish translation. Signal fair. (Scott Barbour, NH)

India4880 All India Radio-Lucknow. Heard via long path at 0055 tune with Hindi vocal and instrumental music. Woman announcer heard at 0108.5, 0114.5. Woman announcer at 0115 with what sounded like news bcst. Signal faded into noise by 0124. Signal was a steady S2 with slight improvement after 0105. Heavy QSB, typical of LP reception. Lucknow is rare here on the long path.(Bruce Churchill, CA/Cumbre DX)

9525.96, Voice of Indonesia,*0950-1015. Abrupt sign on with listed Korean programming. Religious music.English at 1000 with opening ID announcements. English news at 1001. Weak but readable. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5010, Radio Madagasikara (Ambohidrano), 0234-0245. Malagasy. Talk by man. Pop music at 0235, more European than African. A couple of rooster sounds at 0239, then lively local pops. At 0243, man and woman with multiple IDs and talk with off and on Jingle Bells in the background. Drums at 0245 followed by ID and talk by man. Good to very good signal with moderate fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

7245.00 MRT with poor fade S=4-6 moving the needle, male voice announcer in vernacular, French and Arabic accent mixed sound, at 0751 UT Dec 21. Lute instrument jingle played.(wb, Germany/HCDX)

9704.99, LV du Sahel, 2100-2258.* Audible after Radio Ethiopia signed off with French talk. Afro-pop, Euro-pop music. Qur`an at approximately 2253. Sign off with flute interval signal, followed by national anthem at 2256. Fair. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15120, Voice of Nigeria (Ikorodu), 0547-0605. English. Man and woman talking about financial planning followed by a story about a carnival. West African pop music at 0559. Drums at 0600 and news read by a man. Very strong signal with little fading, unusual for this time of night on 19 meters. Also noted other African transmitters on 15580 (VOA - Botswana), 15255 (Channel Africa - Meyerton), 15205 and 15275 (Deutsche Welle - Kigali), and 15190 (Radio Africa - Equatorial Guinea). Signal strengths were unusually strong for all. (Jim Evans, TN)

9340, Radio Pakistan Islamabad, 1705-1732. Listed as Urdu service. Male announcer with a presumed news. Talk between music bits at 1710 into Qu'ran recitations at 1712. Continuos thru time out except for brief talk at 1721. Signal strong, booming signal, nothing noted on //7530, 1857 recheck. Male/female announcers, different male announcer with sign-off announcement. National anthem interrupted by co-channel Raido Farda via Irana Wila, Sri Lanka sign-on. (Scott Barbour, NH)

3329.58, Ondas Del Hualaga, 1030-1045. Male/female in Spanish with comments. Signal is very poor mixing with CHU's broadcast. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4746.96, Radio Huanta 2000 Huanta, 1025-1033. Spanish. Male announcer with talk thru 1030. Signal fair, strongest here in quite some time. (Scott Barbour-NH)

4746.92, Radio Huanta 2000, 1040-1050. Signal just barely making it here. Noted some Spanish talk, but mainly music. Signal was threshold. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

6019.287, Radio Victoria, 1045-1055. Another very weak signal being covered with a het, noted a male (probably David M.) preaching in Spanish. At 1047 possibly music presented, but can't be sure? Signal was threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

4824.453, La Voz de la Selva, 1100-1110. With a threshold signal here, noted a male in Spanish comments. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

5930, Radio Rossii Monchegorsk, 1049-1102. Russian. Woman announcer interviewing male. This is presumed ad/promo string from 1054 with several IDs thru-out. Bit of talk over Joe Satriani instrumental at 1059, 5+1 signal pips and ID at 1100. Different male announcer with news. Signal poor but readable with some 5935 - Mrs. DGS splash. (Scott Barbour-NH)

Saudi Arabia
15250, BSKSA Riyadh, 1203-1228.* English. Woman announcer with English news regarding Obama and Koreas, New Delhi talks, 1206 program Enviromental Issues on researching causes of beached whales, 1216 music program with intro "video killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles (that's the very first video aired on MTV, way back in 1982, for all you trivia buffs). Partial pop music selections. Never played an entire song, until pulled the plug at 1228. Signal fair and improving. (Scott Barbour, NH)

7194.98, UBC, 0409-0515. Tune-in to English news. Radio-drama. English and vernacular talk. Afro-pop music.Christmas music. Some US pop music including Cyndi Lauper’s Girl's Just Want to Have Fun. Occasional chirping birds. Poor signal. Somewhat muffled audio. Some amateur radio interference. (Brian Alexander, PA)