Monday, April 14, 2008

Blog Logs from Free Radio Weekly

Thanks to the pirate gang from Free Radio Weekly. This weeks sampling offers some fine catches.
Gayle VH

All times UTC // parallel frequency

Devil Radio
6925USB 04/08/08 00:22 SINPO 33343. "You've heard of pirate radio; This is Devil Radio UNY 666" into faint music (Ragnar-MI)

James Brownyard Communication Network
JBCN-6925AM, *2353-0056*, 10-11 April 08. It was the how to set up and operate a pirate radio station program. Included were Captain Ganja, a fake phone call to JTA, and a fake interview with Captain Ron. Nice level, armchair copy and pleasant audio. SIO: 444. [Lobdell-MA]

MAC Shortwave
6850.83AM,4-6-08,0054-0138,good/fair, DJ=Ultraman, a young boy who rambled on at times
about topics of interest to young boy like bugs, much laughter, songs including, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Son Of a Preacher Man, Dont Fear The Reaper, Ironman, Beatles remixes including Yellow Submarine which had a "Louie-Louie" riff in the middle. Station off with US national anthem. Email as: (Hassig-IL)

Mac Ultraman
6851AM 04/05/08 23:05-:40 SINPO 44344 S9. Ultraman Show, Best day ever, YMCA, review of Red Barron II video game. Help, Transfusions. (Ragnar-MI)

Radio Appalachia
6925AM 4/6/8 7:14 Countty and bluegrass. I am getting a het, but can only hear modulation in LSB, ID at 00:13, "Quiet numbskulls, I'm broadcasting!" (Fansome, PA)

Relaxation Radio
6925USB *0058-0111* 4/6/08 SIO=242-. Interval signal of the old Woody Woodpecker chant from cartoons at sign-on, then into a program of 1940s or similar vintage ancient pop mx such as Mr. Sandman. Also the 60’s Japanese pop tune Sukiyaki was a part of the playlist. Heard no maildrop address announced. (Zeller)

The Crystal Ship
5385.5AM 0031-0149 4/7/08 SIO=242+. The Poet with a program of rock mx including, I Fought the Law and the Law Won and My Sharona. Also had a We the People segment with a a political discussion. ID by male/female duo. Once in a while a Tarzan yell was tossed into the program, including the end of a test of the Emergency Broadcast system at 0056. Announced a // 6700 kHz, but the // freq was only a very weak het here, and was thus inaudible. Belfast address. (Zeller-OH)

The Wave
6925.55USB 4/10/8 00:06 SIO 232, Music tunes, Sail On Sailor, Ride Captain Ride, Southern Cross, Fisherman's Blues, up to 434 now at 00:18, off around 00:20 with ID, great show! (Fansome, PA)

(It is Back!) 6925AM 4/4 2311-2341* Music by likes of Nirvana (I'm so happy) and other good stuff. I just enjoyed the show and did not log the particulars. Jay's Uncle Slickstein or Selestein was on with James Brownyard. Excellent signal. (Majewski CT)
(Source: Ed Insinger/Free Radio Weekly #635)

Additional pirate logs:
6925USB Conelrad Radio (presumed). 2330-2334. 25 March 08. English. Mx from the 1940-1960 era including: Boogie, Fujiama Mama, and Counter Spy by Bob Newhart. Off at 2334 in mid song. S5/Poor. (Wood, TN).

6925USB Radio Caroline. 2316-0015+. 28-29 Mar 08. English. Presumed relay of this station. It is also my first log of the station. Rock music from Aerosmith, Jefferson Starship, David Bowie, and many others that were less well known. Several IDs as "Radio Caroline," and one at 2333 as "The Legend Lives One-Radio Caroline." The programming changed over to a Blues Show with Mr. Charles at 2400. Both segments were great. All of the time-check
were in synch with GMT, so this was either a live feed to a relay station, or somebody took a great deal of care to match up a recording to the times, or Radio Caroline is now broadcasting on 6925 from the UK. The signal was a great deal stronger and better than any other Europirates I have heard, so I think it was a relay of some kind, but one never knowsŠ.. Fair to Good. (Wood, TN).

6925USB Victory Radio. *0135-0153*. 29 Mar 08. English. First log of this station. OM announcer with several mentions of the University of Texas (the other, UT) basketball team. Music by "The Austin Lounge Lizards." Also, The Eyes of Texas at sign-on. There was a polka and ments of nightspots in Austin where Bob Wills is still the King. Off with ID and Unreadable QSL ancmts. Poor. (Wood, TN).

6925USB Sycko Radio. 0226-0231. 06 Apr 08. EG. ID as "Sycko Radio, 69-25." Mentions of Uncle Bob and talk with lady announcer. Mentions of several noted pirate DXers. S7/F-G. (Wood, TN).

6925USB Uncle Bob Radio. 0138-0220*. 06 Apr 08. EG. Uncle Bob playing ragtime and very old pop mx. Mentions of having to take his medication. ID as ³This is Uncle Bob at the microphone,² and off. S5/Poor. (Wood, TN)
(Source: NASWA Flashsheet # 322 & 323 via Rich d'Angelo)