Saturday, April 26, 2008

El Salvador's Radio CRET reactivates

El Salvador
Radio CRET which according to WRTH 2008 is inactive - is now on the air again - with test transmissions on its original MW frequency of 1080 kHz. What is more encouraging is that they emit a strong second harmonic on 2159.92 kHz.

Monitored in Guatemala at 0230 UTC (Sunday night) with a strong signal which I anticipate will easily make it to North America and perhaps even Europe. One ID is: "Desde San Salvador transmite Radio CRET 1080 kHz en su senal de prueba". They also announced tel. 26710317 in case you catch the station and want to inform them about reception.

Radio Imperial which used to broadcast on 17 MHz till quite recently has neither transmitter nor aerial left at the stations premisis in the outskirts of Sonsonate in Northern El Salvador, so I dont think that it is very likely they will ever return. They now operate on 810 kHz with 500W only.
(Stig Hartvig Nielsen-DEN, touring CTR/GTM, hcdx Apr 19)
(Source: BC-DX #857/Top News, wb, Germany)