Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequencies

6055.10, Radio Juan 23,(Tentative) 1000-1020 Noted a station here in Spanish language programming. At 1008 a male comments briefly until 1009 when music is presented. The format consists of a song then a few comments and so forth. Signal mixing with Japan's Nikkei on the same freq. Don't know if the Bolivian is actually on 6055.10 KHz, it is just that, that is where I hear it best, which turns out to be just poor to threshold. (C. Bolland, FL April 20, 2008)

5952.46, Radio Pio Doce, (pres)1022-1040, At tune in, noted music until 1024 when a two males comment in Spanish language. Comments continue until 1030 when a time tones are heard which could have been from someone else nearby. At 1031 back to music. Signal was poor. (C. Bolland, FL April 20, 2008)

4905.10, Radio Anhanguera, (pres), 0005-0020 Just a male in steady Portuguese language comments. He sounds like he is preaching or talking politically. One or the other, can't be sure ? Signal is fair to poor while the noise fades up and down too. (C. Bolland, April 19, 2008)

6030, Calgary - CFVP relaying CKMX (AM 1060), 0437-0448, April 10 (Thurs.), rather unusual reception: heard mixing with Radio Martí, but with no jamming at all, C&W songs, IDs "Classic Country AM 1060", promo for winning a John Deere trimmer, mostly poor (R. Howard, CA,

Equatorial Guinea
15190, Radio Africa, 2202-2255*, April 14, Pastor Tony Alamo with his program #474, gives mailing address (P.O. Box 6467, Texarkana, Texas 75505) plus phone and fax numbers, Porter Wagner singing "The Dream", station ID: "Thank you for listening to Radio Africa, inspirational … We are excited to share with you …", gives email address (radioafrica [at] and address in Ghana spelled out (something like: P.O. Box ???, Kanonme??, Accra??, Ghana), noticeable QRM at about 2240 (assume WYFR in Portuguese), fair-poor. Reception reports can be sent via . (R Howard, CA)

15190 Radio Africa (Bata) (presumed), 1910-2058, 4/13/2008, English. Recorded the fundamentalist religious talk and music programs, generally 30 minutes in length. No ID heard between programs. Good signal with audio ranging from extremely poor (at 1910) to very good (Apostolic Witness Radio Broadcast at 2030) apparently a function of the quality of the recorded program and/or its delivery. Best SINPO 34333. (J. Evans, TN)

4604.94 RRI Serui 1259-1320 Apr 19. Local ID, then predictable sequence of SCI, Jak relay, then back to local programming (Indo vocals) around 1315. Fair. (J. Wilkins, CO)

6130, Lao National Radio: monitoring from about 1415-1430 (the start and end of the programs varies by 1-3 minutes): April 20 (Sun.) – non-stop talking in assume Laotian (scheduled "Virtue Program"?). April 21 (Mon.) – English language lesson, in English with assume Laotian language translations throughout the program. April 22 (Tue.) – English language lesson, in English with assume Laotian translations throughout the program. April 23 (Wed.) – French language lesson, unlike the English lessons, heard only in French, played some songs in French. April 24 (Thurs.) – French language lesson, unlike the English lessons, heard only in French, played some songs in French.

This corresponds well with their listed schedule at their website. Would seem that my Saturday (March 29 and April 5) receptions of English language lessons (programs "New Dynamic English" and "Functioning in Business") were anomalies for that day. The daily reception varied, but were mostly fair to poor. (R. Howard, CA)

6130, Lao National Radio, 1410-1504, April 12, no English programming today; assume in Laotian, after the news played SE Asian songs, several 5 minute segments of talking, poor. (R Howard, CA).

7270 Wai FM via RTM Kuching 1239-1303 Apr 17. Presumed with familiar chanting to 1257, then YL ancr and "IS" on local instrument at 1259, followed by usual 2 pips and Kuala Lumpur news relay in Bahasa Malaysia. Rough in QRM. (J. Wilkins, CO)

6010 Radio Mil 1144-1204 Apr 14. Talk format w/frequent interruptions for ads; canned ID at 1159, but the synthesized voice was difficult to understand; back to talk at ToH. Fair at best. (J. Wilkins, CO)

On April 19, I heard a station on 5985.0 from 1416-1435, with EZL pop songs, in an Asian language with poor reception, due to adjacent splatter. Had first thought the language was right for Myanma Radio, but then they did not change over to English as they normally do at 1430, so thought I must be wrong, but thanks to S. Hasegawa observations, it really was them with a new schedule for their English programming (starts at 1530 UTC). There was no sign of anything on the usual 5985.83. Have not checked on this again, as every day I have been involved in monitoring the activity of Lao National Radio on 6130, checking what was actually heard against their website schedule. (R Howard, CA)

4770, Radio Nigeria, 2250-2300 With music to begin with, then a period of English comments from local citizens of Nigeria with opinions about current conditions. The commentator was a woman. At 2258, the signal drops off the air suddenly and didn't return to the air. Until then the signal was fair. (C. Bolland, April 18, 2008)

North Korea
2850.03 K.C.B.S. Pyongyang 1237-1246 Apr 20. Stirring patriotic music, instrumental and vocal. Fair but fading fast. (J. Wilkins, CO)

9650, Voice of Korea, 1020-1030 Noted a male in Japanese Language comments who is joined by a female, shortly. At 1124, Choral music presented. Signal was fair. (C. Bolland, FL April 17, 2008)

6925 Radio Metallica Worldwide. 2235-2250*. 13 Apr 08. English. Relay of the famous pirate. Thx to Mark T. for help with this one. It sounded like somebody was looping bits of RMWW and Dr. Tornado. Themes from “The Flintstones” and “Green Acres.” “Secret Agent Man” playing in background. Ments of Blue Ridge Summit, ID as “This is Radio Metallica Worldwide, 69-55 (sic) shortwave” and off with “Take care.” Signal fair-poor. (J. Wood, TN).

6925 Radio Cobain. 2250. 13 Apr 08. English. ID, Thrash metal and Nirvana mx. Poor. (J. Wood, TN).

4775.04, Radio Tarma, 0950-1000, At tune in, noted flute type music until 0954. At that time thought I could hear a male in Spanish comments in the noise. Then back to music. Signal was poor. (C. Bolland, FL April 17, 2008)

6080 RSI 1300-1318 Apr 18. ID w/mention of website, time check in local time (9 PM) and UTC, then news headlines, followed by the program "Hot Tracks," consisting of pop music from the British charts; news again at 1330. Good signal. (J. Wilkins,CO)

4990 Radio Apintie (Paramaribo) (Presumed), 0620-0645, 4/17/2008, Dutch (?). Pop music occasionally peaking above the noise. Weak signal in very poor, static filled, conditions. Could not hear any talk by an announcer, but signal was so marginal that it could easily have been missed. Music was of the variety previously heard from Radio Apintie. Have been hearing a carrier on 4990 for the past 4 or 5 nights, but no audio until tonight. (J. Evans, TN)

4965, Radio Christian Voice, 0030-0040 At tune in Religious Singing by a choir. At 0040 a female comments in English then back to music. Signal was air, but the noise is tremendous. (C. Bolland, FL).