Friday, April 25, 2008

St Helena back on the world map

With the 2009 issue of the World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) (to be published in December of 2008), the island of St Helena will be back on the map of the World !!
In the 2008 issue of the WRTH on page 51 is a map of Southern Africa and the South Atlantic region. This map shows outlines of the countries, lists the capital cities, and marks in red the shortwave transmitter sites. In the WRTH of 2008, 2006, and many other years, St Helena does not even appear on the map.
The Radio St Helena Day Shortwave Revival Project was a huge worldwide success in November 2006, and the RSH 40th anniversary was also shared with the world in December 2007 via the shortwaves.
The WRTH was the major donor to the Project from the United Kingdom, and the publisher, Nicholas Hardyman, has been keenly following the shortwave adventures of Radio St Helena for the past two years. In a recent email from Mr Hardyman, he promised that the island of St. Helena would appear in the WRTH 2009 and the shortwave transmitter site would also be listed in red.
Therefore, supporters of the RSD Revival Project from around the World and all Saints can truly and very proudly say that we have “put St Helena back on the World map” !!
(Source: Robert Kipp, Germany, in St Helena Herald/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)