Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blog Logs

Thanks to the following contributors for todays logs; Brian Alexander, Joe Wood,Scott Barbour, John Wilkins, Jeff Philipps,and Harold Frodge. Have you sent yours in yet?
Gayle VH

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

China Radio International relay. 7285, CRI Easy FM, 2100-2200, April 12 Tnanks to Dave Kenny tip in DXLD. Heard here past several days. Regular English CRI programming prior to 2100. CRI news at 2100. English "China Drive" program at 2105 with talk, news, weather, phone messages. Talk about nicknames. Some Chinese talk. "CRI Easy FM" ID at 2110. Pop music. Canned "CRI Easy FM" ID at 2128. Sports news. Business news. Lite music & CRI contact information at 2155. Good signal. CRI Easy FM is a domestic service with programming aimed at the local China market.. Fair signal on // 5960 to 2200, via Albania. 7285 switched to Family Radio in English at 2200. 5960 off the air at 2200. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6300 Radio Arabe Sahuari Democratica (p); 2226-2231+, 4-Apr; Announcers commentary in Arabic. Local vocal music tune. SIO=2+42. Signal cleanest in LSB, occasional utility QRM. (Harold Frodge-MI)

2325 VL8T Tennant Creek 1226-1232 Apr 7. C&W music to 1230, then into news, I think. Poor signal w/noisy band condx. Noted // to 2485 and 2310, both poor, as well. (John Wilkins-CO)

4716.68, Radio Yura, 0103-0120, Apr 11, Spanish. Ancr w/ SP music & talk; weak; just about even with noise floor. (Barbour-NH)

4877.52, Radio Canada International, Sackville, 0232-0259*, April 11, Sub-harmonic of 9755.04. Spanish talk. Music. Very weak. ½ x 9755.04. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4905 Radio Chad (p); 0530-0540+, 6-Apr; Announcer in French with Afro tune to 0531 newscast, one segment about military, reading long list of colonels; back to Afro tunes at 0538+. SIO=443. USB takes out swiper. (Frodge-MI)

Voice of Pujiang 1235-1302 Apr 11. Good signal with talk and banter between YL host and 1 or 2 others; ended with a song at 1257; time pips (5+1) to ToH, then possible ID. Noted // to 5075 (good) and 3280 (fair). (John Wilkins-CO)

7335 China Radio International, (presumed) 2246, 4-Apr; SS/CC language lesson. Very copyable mixing w/CHU. I'm sure that CHU is purposely jamming this. (Harold Frodge-MI)

I think I found another frequency that isn't listed any where. It's Radio Havana Cuba on 11760 from 14:00-14:29 UTC.on Saturday (April 12) in Spanish. (Jeff Phillips)

6300 Radio Habana Cuba; 0451-0458:40*, *0500, 5-Apr; M&W in Spanish with commentary regarding Jose Marti, revolucion cubana, Castro, etc. Cuban national anthem, at 0457:50. English at 0500 // 6000 kHz. SIO=353 (Frodge-MI)

Diego Garcia
4319U, presumed American Forces Network, 2306-2320, Apr 10, English. Two M talking about politics & the Olympics; several mentions of '68 Mexico City Olympics; poor; overtaken by rapidly pulsating QRN at 2320. (Barbour-NH)

Dominican Republic
5009.79, Radio Cristal Internacional 2325-0005* April 7-8, local Spanish music. Spanish ballads. Spanish announcements. ID announcement 2359. Classical music at 0000 followed by choral music, Spanish religious talk & prayer. Abruptly pulled plug mid-way through talk. Fair signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Equatorial Guinea
5005, Radio Nacional-Bata, 2200-2300*, April 11, talk. African choral music. Sign off with National Anthem. Threshold copy at tune-in. Slowly improved to a fair signal strength but poor overall signal due to heavy t-storm static making for difficult conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5005, Radio Nacional-Bata, 0517-0600+, April 11, reactivated. Last heard back in December. Spanish & vernacular talk. Mentions of Bata & Malabo, along with a mention of "Radio Malabo". Local music. Poor signal in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6250, Radio Nacional-Malabo, 2135-2203*, April 7, Presumed. No announcements. Continuous Spanish & English pop ballads. Spanish version of a Celine Deon tune. US pop ballads. Even Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful Life. Abrupt sign off mid-song. Fair but occasional rtty QRM. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5989.91v, Radio Ethiopia, 0410-0430, April 11, local pop music. Amharic talk. Very weak. Frequency drifted up from 5989.91 at 0410 to 5989.96 by 0430. Good signal on // 7110. (Brian Alexander, PA)

15475 Afrique #1 (Moyabi). 1716-1730. 11 Apr 08. French. Afropop music with two announcers talking between selections. It sounded like they were gearing up for a big weekend. S7/Fair. (Wood, TN).

4777 RTV Gabonnaise (presumed); 0518-0520+, 6-Apr; M in French with Afro tunes. Announcer frequently talks over music. Decent copy despite swiper QRM & occasional ute rumble. (Harold Frodge-MI)

7270, All India Radio-Chennai, 1120-1132, Apr 9, vernacular. Ancr w/ brief talk b/w exotic wind, percussion & vox music thru BoH; weak-poor. (Barbour-NH)

9705, (Goa) All India Radio-Panaji, 2248-2302, Apr 10, English. Hindi mx & Ko'ran like chanting; ancr at ToH but too weak & just enough 9710 R. Algiers via Skelton Holy Qu'ran interference. (Barbour-NH)

3987.05 RRI Manokwari 1259-1316 Apr 13. Announcer with local ID, then SCI and Jak news; back to local programming at 1311 with another ID by the same lady DJ and then vocal music. Fair signal. (Wilkins-CO)

11784.86, Voice of Indonesia, 1800-1805+, April 7, English ID at 1800 & into listed German programming. Weak. Looking for English at 2000 but WHRI sign on at 2000 completely covering Indonesia. (Brian Alexander, PA)

11990 Radio Kuwait (Kabd). 1911-1930. 11 Apr 08. English. ID as “Radio Kuwait.” Announcer duo with programming typical of this station dealing with the history and culture of Kuwait from ancient times until the current era. Some soft pop music mixed in. S7/poor. Heavy static. (Joe Wood, TN).

17725, Voice of Africa, 1405-1602, April 11, Heard back on this frequency with a fair to good signal. ex-17600. Nothing heard on 17600. Weak, threshold // 21695. English programming. Local pop music. IDs. French at 1602. (Brian Alexander, PA)

(Sarawak) 7130 FM via Kuching 1300-1324 Apr 9. Usual two pips (1+1) to ToH, then time check and news relay from Kuala Lumpur; back to local programming at 1310 - chat to 1315, then music segment, with an occasional jingle. The KL news relay was // 7270 (fair w/QRM) and 5030 (way under the CH station); (John Wilkins-CO)

6044.94, XEXQ, Radio Universidad, 0240-0255, April 11, Tentative. Classical music. Poor. Very weak with adjacent channel splatter. Too weak to catch any ID. (Brian Alexander, PA)

11735 Radio Romania International. *1658-1716. 11 Apr 08. English. Interval signal followed by a waltz and ID as “This is Radio Romania International broadcasting in English” followed by skedules and frequencies. Lady announcer with news of Central Europe and mentions of Bulgaria, Albania and Romania. S9/Good. (Wood, TN).

6185, International Radio of Serbia Bijeljina, 0122-0132, Apr 11, English/presumed Serbian. Easy-listening music, sign-off announcement and station ID at 0127; IS until fanfare at 0130 into presumed Serbian; weak but clear. Interval signal Serbia broadcasting /casting beyond listed 0130*? (Barbour-NH)

non). via Sines, Portugal, 17690, Sudan Radio Service, 1505-1600*, April 12, Some English but mostly Arabic talk. Radio- drama. Short breaks of African music. English ID at 1559. Poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

7415 WBCQ (Monticello Maine). 2214-2234. 11 Apr 08. English. Program of music indigenous to the Southern Appalachian region of the US hosted by Dan Haller. Performers included Rhonda Vincent, Wilma Lea, Del McCrery, Bobby Osborne, Bill Monroe, and The Country Gentlemen. Unfortunately, none of the songs included the official state song of the great and sovereign state of Tennessee that falls into this genre of music. ID at BOH. S9+10/VG. (Joe Wood, TN).

4910s, WWCR, 0157, Apr 9, English. Spur from WWCR w/ Scriptures for America; muddy but readable. Thanks to Brian Alexander tip. (Barbour-NH)