Monday, April 21, 2008

QSL Report Central

Amateur Radio
Burkina Faso XT2C, 20 meters SSB. Full data color photo card. Received in 57 days for SASE and $2.00 US to: F9IE Bernard Chereau-QSL Manager, Boite Postale 211, Noirmoutier En L-ile 85330 France. (L Van Horn, NC)

Jordan JY5HX, 20 meters SSB. Full data color card. Received in 338 days via ARRL bureau. Website: (Van Horn)

Liberia EL2AR, 20 metes SSB. Full data color photo card. Received in 191 days for a SASE to: H. Walcott Benjamin Sr. EL2BA-QSL Manager, 285 St. Marks Place, Apt. 4-L, Staten Island, NY 10301 USA. (Van Horn)

The Mighty KBC 6255 kHz via Sitkunai. Full data T-shirt/antenna card with transmitter site notation, signed by Tom de Wit, plus personal note and two decals. Received in 20 days for an English report, two IRCs, and souvenir postcard. QSL address: Argonstraat 6, 6718 WT Ede, Netherlands. (B. Wikins, MO) Email reply in 20 days via veri signer to (Kusalik). Website:

Medium Wave
CJRJ, 1200 kHz AM. Friendly verification letter from Dianne Lee-Manager, plus RJ 1200 pen. Received in 30 days for a CD report. Station address: Unit 110, 3060 Norland Avenue, Burnaby BC Canada V5B 3A6. SJRJ (P. Martin, OR) Based in Vancouver, CJRJ is an ethnic Punjabi station, broadcasting since November 25, 2006. Internet streaming audio link

KBRW, 680 kHz AM. Top of the World Radio. Full data verification on station letterhead, signed by Robert C. Sommer-General Manager/VP, plus station stickers. Received in 14 days for CD report. Station address: c/o Silakkuagvik Communications, Inc., P.O. Box 109, 1695 Okpik Street, Barrow, AK 99723 USA. My most wanted Alaskan station for over 25 years. Station is 10,000 watts to a listening audience of 70% Native American, mainly Inupiat Eskimo. This one made my day! AK QSL # 59. (Martin) Internet streaming audio link .

KTTO, 970 kHz AM. Sacred Heart Radio. Station QSL card signed by W. Grapley. Received in 14 days for a CD report. QSL address: c/o EWTN, 5817 Leeds Road, Irondale, AL 35210. (Martn) KTTO website:

KUDO, 1080 kHz AM. Prepared QSL card returned as verified and signed by Rich McClear. Received in 12 days for an AM report and prepared QSL card. Station address: 3601 C Street #290, Anchorage, AK 99503-5954 USA. (Martin) Internet streaming audio link

WKSH, Radio Disney AM 1640. Partial data verification on Disney letterhead, signed by Megan DeLaat-Promotions Manager, Marketing, plus station stickers. Received in three days for an AM report and self-addressed-envelope. Station address: W223 N 3251 Shady Lane, Pewaukee, WI 53072-4194 USA. (Eric Hopkins, Ayer, MA). Internet streaming audio link for WKSH at

RDP Internacional 21565 kHz. Full data color QSL card unsigned. Received in 75 days. Station address: Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa n° 37, 1849-030 Lisboa, Portugal. Internet streaming audio at Multi Media link (G Van Horn, NC)

Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean (Radio Station Pacific Ocean) 5960 // 7330 kHz. Full data blue card and personal letter signed by Alexey Giryuk-Engineer. Received in 41 days for a CD recording, English report and mint postage stamps. Station address: GTRK-Vladivostok, ul. Uborevicha 20-A, 690091 Vladivostok, Primorskiy Kray, Russia. (J Pogue, TN) Internet streaming audio link Email: Correspondence address via World QSL Book.

AIR, 13985 kHz USB. Full data Armed Forces Day 2007 - America Supports You card unsigned, plus USAF 60th Anniversary decal. Received in four months for a utility report. Station address: MARS Station AIR, 89CS/SCOR, Bldg 1558, Alabama Ave, Ste 27, Andrews, AFB, MD 20762. (Wilkins).

Non-Directional Beacons: YZE 245 kHz. Gore Bay NDB, Manotoulin Island, Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada. Full data prepared card verified as 200 watts. Received in 49 days for $1.00 US; YXR-257 kHz. Earlton NDB, Earlton, Ontario, Canada. Full data prepared card verified as 200 watts. Received in 49 days for $1.00 US; ZYB 404 kHz. Yellek/North Bay NDB, North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Full data prepared card verified as 25 watts. Received in 21 days for $1.00 US. QSL address for YZE, YXR, ZYB: Nav Canada North Bay Techops, 50 Terminal Rd., Compt. 2, North Bay, ON Canada P1B 8G2. (Pogue).

Bangkok VOLMET 6676 kHz. Full data QSL card plus personal letter from Jantima Niyomchok. Received in 32 days for a utility report and $2.00 US. Station address: Telecommunications Division, Meteorlogical Department, 4353 Sukhumyit Drive, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Thailand. Email: (H. Tidenberg, Salida, CO) Correspondence address via World QSL Book.
(Source: Gayle Van Horn/QSL Report)