Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blog Logs - Medium Wave

Today, I have shifted gears slightly to bring blog readers, the lastest of what DXers from MARE, are hearing on medium wave. Looks like the gang has been busy at the dials. Best of DX !
Gayle VH

620 WTMJ 1115 Milwaukee, WI SIO-322, ad for North Shore Funeral Home in Shorewood (Feriman's Fine Funerals anyone?), then Clark Howard show. ((Racenis 03-MAR)

640 WOI Ames IA 0644 "WOI Ames-Des Moines" 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

730 WLIL Lenoir City TN 0621 C&W mx, "AM clear channel 730 WLIL". Call sounded like WLIn at times. 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

730 WOHS Shelby NC 0632 "The Boss", call sounded like WOHF. 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

820 WOSU Columbus OH 0730 "WOSU" BBC news. 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

830 WTRU Kernersville NC "The Truth", Michael Medved show. 0734-0806. several WTRU ids. WCCO nulled with loop. 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

830 WCCO 0744 "Psychic Sue" taking phone calls. 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

880 CHQT Edmonton AB oldies mx, "check out our website at" 0832 This was trading places with Manitoba while WCBS was nulled as best as possible. 3/4 (Russell-DXP)

1060 KRCN Longmont CO; 0050-0104+, 13-Mar; NASCAR Today; call ID spot @0059; Longmont spots @0102. U/KYW. Hrd for 1st time on DXpedition 9 days ago. CO #6. (Frodge-MI)

1090 KEXS Excelsior Springs MO; 0029, 13-Mar; Sounded like closing anmt, Catholic Talk KEXS AM 10-90. Just caught a peak in the mix w/several. Hrd for 1st time on DXpedition 9 days ago. MO #27 (Frodge-MI)

1090 WAQE WI Rice Lake "Classic Country 10-90" C&W WI broadcasting network 3/14 1230 (DT)

1410 WLAQ Rome GA; 2333, 15-Mar; Dave Ramsey Show, WLAQ, ? Valley spot. Poor in mix w/several; GA #27 (Frodge-MI)

1410 WLAS Lafayette IN; 2312. 15-Mar; C&W, 95.3 The Wolf. Poor mixing mainly w/UNID rlgs stn. IN #29 (Frodge-MI)

1410 WING Dayton OH; 2217-2300+, 14-Mar; 14-10 ESPN Radio; 14-10 Wing AM; Dayton Mall & OSU Buckeyes spots @2217 when it came up on top suddenly (but didn't stay up). Not much of a challenger to CKSL till 2217, then only fair. (Frodge-MI)
(Source: MARE # 443 via Ken Zichi)