Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Logs

This mornings Blog Logs, are a sampling from this week's World Wide DX Club, and the Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts newsletters. Thanks to both groups of dedicated DXers. Let's get it rolling with Bangladesh.
Gayle Van Horn

BANGLADESH 4750 Bangladesh Betar, Shavar, 1650-1708, 11 Mar, Bengali, local songs, talks (news?) 1700; 35332. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 14/WWDXC)

BENIN 5025 ORTB, Parakou, 1026-f/out 1205, 11 Mar, French, talks, music; 25442, and then again 1512-1610, French too, Afro pops, talks, sports news 1600, 35443.(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 14/WWDXC)

BOLIVIA 4650.3 R. Sta Ana, Sta Ana del Yacuma, 22289-2238, 10 Mar, Spanish, talks, references to social aid & cooperation, news; 45332.(WWDXC)
4716.6 R. Yura, Yura, 2231-2241, 10 Mar, Quechua, few talks, Indian tunes & songs; 25331.
4865 R. Logos, Sta Cruz de la Sierra at 2236-2244 UT on 10 Mar, German, preacher; 23331, QRM de B. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 14/WWDXC)

BRAZIL 4775 R. Congonhas, Congonhas MG, 2222-..., 10 Mar, music, f/ball infos.; 34331, QRM de PRU (entt/WWDXC).
4785.1 R. Cairi, Porto Velho RO, 2219-2232, 10 Mar, "sertao" songs, f/ball infos, talks, ballads; 35342. (WWDXC)
4876 R. Difa, Boa Vista 2237-2246, 10 Mar, talks; 34341.(WWDXC)
4885 R. Club do Para, Belem, 1108-f/out 1125, 10 Mar, talks, music; 15331; also 1939-2028, 10 Mar, talks,...,music; 15321 but improving (35433 at 2015). (WWDXC)
9645 R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 2307-2319, 10 Mar, reports on f/ball, incl. foreign matches, a.o. Portugal, Spain & Italy; 45444. (WWDXC)

BULGARIA 9400 R Bulgaria , w/music, ID at 2240 & into English DX program. The major part of the DX show was reading of obituaries of recently deceased hams :o Songs of Bulgaria at 2248 SIO 444 2/Mar 2235-2255 (Zichi Dxp, MARE)

BURKINA FASO 5030 R.Burkina 2305 SIO-333, man talking in FR, Q&A program with frequent "oui" answers, Afro-pop music at 2316, phone call-in at 2340. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)
7230 R. Burkina, Ouagadougou, 1147-..., 10 Mar, French, talks prgr about women's issues, news at 1200; 25342, and rated 45444 on 11 Mar at 1100. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 14/WWDXC)

CUBA 5025 R. Rebelde, Bauta, 1025-f/out 1150, 11 Mar, songs, talks, infos; 35433. Co-ch Benin also audible... via the Central African Beverage. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 14/WWDXC)

EGYPT 7270 R. Cairo 0222 SIO-433, woman talking in halting EG about Robert Gates comment on Iraq casualties, ID @ 0226. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)
7270 R. Cairo 0207-0225 Mar 17. En program The Holy Koran and its Meaning in progress; pips to 0215:14(!), time check ("It's 4:15 in Cairo"), followed by 10 minutes of news. Decent signal but hard to understand the soft-voiced ancrs. (John Wilkins-CO-USA, DXplorer Mar 17/WWDXC)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA 5005 RNGE, Bata, 1608-1631, 11 Mar, talks, but too
faint to identify the language; 15441. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 14)

GUATAMALA 4779.8 R.Cultural Coatan 0111 SIO-343, man talking in SP with musical background, ID @ 0117. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)

GUYANA 3291.1 Vo Guyana 0615 SIO-121, woman talking, then BBC News at 0700, World Today program at 0706 about anti-war resolution in US Senate and possible fillibuster, servicemen proving disabilities from war. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)

INDONESIA 4604.9 RRI Serui 1210 SIO-232, woman talking in Indonesian. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)

ISRAEL 7545 Kol Israel 0430 EE news: Police on high-alert for Purim holiday. Then interview pgm asking 2nd grade class about Purim holiday details. 0445 ID, French. 3/4 (Russell-DXP/MARE)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3385 R. East New Britain 1214 SIO-322, pop music, then man talking in English & Pidgin w/ time check, also signals on 3335 and 3344.8. (Racenis 04-MAR/MARE)

SOUTH AFRICA 3255 BBC Relay 0420 SIO-232, news in EG about Libya. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)

USA 7385 WRMI Station ID in EE and into YL Text in Spanish. VERY poor reception with lots of splatter and co-chan QRM SIO 222- at best. 2230-2235 (2/MarZichi DXp/MARE)
7415 WBCQ The Planet Bizzaro show called The Pab Sungenis Project with songs about life (and death) including the toilet bowl song, Tom Lehrer's mathematics song, Weird Al Yankovich's This is the Life. Monty Python's Decomposing Composers song, etc. VERY funny stuff -- where did they dig up this music? SIO 4+54+ (2/Mar 2318-235 Zichi DXp/MARE)

ZIMBABWE 3396 Zimbabwe BC 2305 SIO-232, Afro-pop music. (Racenis 03-MAR/MARE)
(Source: World Wide DX Club-Top News (BCDX # 799/MARE # 443)