Friday, March 30, 2007

Swedish radio reorganizes services for immigrants

As a result of a major channel reorganization in Sweden, changes to programs for immigrant communities will go into effect from 2 April. Programs in immigrant languages will be broadcast on the P2 network throughout the country, including the Greater Stockholm area. Radio Sweden says that the P2 frequency in Stockholm, 96. 2 MHz, provides listeners with a much better quality signal.
However, Swedish radio will continue to rerun programmes during the evening in Stockholm on P6 at 89.6 MHz. Some of the times for the reruns have been adjusted. The following programmes from Radio Sweden will be broadcast during the evenings: German 1830, Russian 1900, and English 1930 UTC daily. The broadcasts from radio stations in other countries are being discontinued.
The weekly programme “Inside Sweden” on P2 will, from 6 April, be broadcast in Stockholm every Friday at 1130 UTC on 96.2 MHz (incorrectly announced as 96.2 kHz on the programme). It will be repeated in the evening on P6, 89.6 MHz at 1700 UTC.
(Source: Radio Sweden/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)