Saturday, March 31, 2007

Local public radio stations in Macedonia want their status maintained

The public local radio stations in Macedonia are demanding that the new law on broadcasting and electronic communications grants them their old status. Representatives of 20 public local radio stations came up with the demand during a meeting yesterday in Struga.
According to Jordanka Dojranlieva, the head of the Association of Public Local Radio Stations (JLRS), problems have occurred in the course of the privatization process due to be wrapped up by 29 May. Given the fact that public local radio stations are not mentioned in the draft version of the new law on broadcasting, the Association has tabled amendments seeking that their status be maintained and privatization deadlines be suspended.
The situation in the public radio stations is very difficult given the overdue wages. More than 80 percent of 300 employees don’t receive monthly wage. They are also deprived of healthcare and pension insurance.
(Source: Macfax Online/R Netherlands Media Network weblog)