Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A closer look at April Monitoring Times 2007

April is a few days away, which means, time for a quick preview of what I will be covering in the April Monitoring Times magazine.
On the shortwave scene, my April column of QSL Report features a focus on projected postal increase for international rates from the U.S. Postal Service. I'll tell you what will become of air mail letter post and first class mail international.
Did you know that Swiss Radio International is celebrating their 70th anniversary? Read on and you can find out how to get a copy of Switzerland - 70 Years of Quality Reporting.
From there, take a look at April's QSL contributions from amateur radio, two clandestine stations, Croatia, French Guiana, German relays from Polish Radio and Radio Farda, four medium wave stations, Monaco, Myanmar, three pirate stations, and American Forces Network.
Radio Nacional do Amazonia kicks off the April Broadcast Logs at 0030 UTC, where forty three stations take you on a world tour to 2312 UTC.
Don't forget the center Shortwave Guide for the latest English shortwave and DRM by-hour frequencies. Frequencies are revised monthly, and readers tell us it remains the most current and reliable source for hobbyists.
Don't miss out on April Monitoring Times ! There's plenty to keep you busy at the dials. To find out more about MT, please rfer to: www.monitoirngtimes.com
Gayle Van Horn