Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pirate radio activity from Free Radio Weekly

This weeks selection of pirate logs is via Free Radio Weekly newsletter.Thanks to all the gang and let's hear it for good DX in the coming days!
Gayle VH

A1B- 6925U 0016-0132* 3/18/07 SIO=343. Mostly a prgm of dance mx, but also some CW segments mixed into the bcst. OM ancr and a computer vox gave A1Bradio@yahoo.com addr. (Zeller-OH)

All Your Base Radio
All your Base 6925 usb 3/18/07 00:13-01:32 "all your base are belong to us" in
code, Perody Queen song, all your base techno remix, (RD)

Channel Z Radio
Channel Z 6925 am 3/18/07 23:22-SIO 444 sign on with Channel Z, sounds like a
WNKR relay WNKR ID & giving out telephone numbers. Devil goes to Jamaica. (RD)

Grasscutter and Sunshine Radio
Grasscutter & Sunshine 6925 usb 3/20/07 22:54-23:55 SIO 433 repeat of show
on 3/20/07 Multiple IDs & Hello's from both Sunshine & Grasscutter. Commander Bunny overtook the broadcast at 23:50 as signal faded (RD)

Mystery Radio (Euro pirate)
6220AM 3/18 0139-0239 A show of music, I did know Abba's Momma Mia Id was in CW (mystery) and male voice. Nice music. (333 Majewski CT)

Radio Maple Leaf
3/18/07 6925 KHz USB Maple leaf Radio on with 'O Canada' at 2125z 444; short 2 ½ minute announcement with Organ Carousal music background promoting the Funderground.com website encouraging Pirate and other loggings. The same
announcement was repeated a short time later.(Lang-CT)

The Crystal Ship
6875AM 3/19 0047-0115* The Poet with a fifties music show, tunes like Yaky Yak, and Johnny be good (Chuck Berry). After Id, played Steely Dan, Who (Young Man) and Country Joe and the Fish. (434 Majewski CT)

WTCR,6925usb,3-18-07,0040-0111,sio=255 very good, strong, modern/smooth jazz, soft pop, song: What's Love Got To Do With It, song: Unchain My Heart, qsl via Box 1, Belfast NY. (Hassig-IL)

WTCR 6925 usb 3/18/07 00:1501:10- SIO 433 Lets Dance, Young American, let the good time roll, Walk on the Wild Side, Whats Love got to Do,
Unchain my Heart, (RD)
(Source: FWR # 580 via Bill Finn)