Monday, March 19, 2007

Euro Pirate Radio Odyssey monitored on 6310 kHz

PIRATE (EUROPE) 6310 R. Odyssey Already on w/OC at 0000 t/in. Finally audio started at 0021 w/Dance mx that sounded something like "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. A couple short voice-over anmnts at 0026, then what was obviously a canned anmnt by W at 0028 but too much TVI prevented copy. Song w/heavy drum beat at 0029-0033. Longer live anmnt at 0033, pause, then another anmnt. 0034-0039 "Flash Dance (Oh What a Feeling)" by Irene Cara. 0039-0043 "Neutron Dance" by The Pointer Sisters. 0043-0045 longer anmnt starting with ID "You are listening to R. Odyssey." and mention of Europe and reception, but most was unreadable due to local TVI. Another very brief anmnt at 0046. Jazz song at 0051, followed by a Dance song. 0103 mic audio lvl was increased only for end of anmnt as ".0, 48 meterband". More songs that I couldn't recognize. Weak ID anmnt during song at 0120 "This is R. Odyssey.Saturday.we hope you are listening and.. ". Anmnt cont. at 0123, e-mail addr at 0124. Went off at 0129 in mid-song. The signal strength was fairly good w/a lot of quick fading and some atmospheric static. Slight slop QRM from Radio Nacional Saharaui, occas. RTTY bursts and a Utility station just above on 6314. The biggest problem though was my local TVI. (18 March)
(Source: D. Valko, PA/HCDX)