Monday, March 19, 2007

Minghui radio station broadcasting Falun Gong programs to China

Since March 5, 2007, Minghui (which means “clear wisdom” in English) Radio Station has been broadcasting programmes 24 hours a day about Falun Gong to Asia. These broadcasts are being directed primarily towards China and Taiwan via the Eutelsat W5 satellite.
Minghui Radio provides information about Falun Gong, especially concerning the persecution against the meditation practice happening in China. Currently there are dozens of programmes in its lineup. It was originally broadcast to China via shortwave radio, but now, along with New Tang Dynasty TV, Sound of Hope, Voice of America, and Radio Free Asia, Minghui Radio uses the Eutelsat W5 satellite to broadcast throughout Asia, including mainland China.
The parameters for receiving Minghui Radio Station from the W5 Satellite are:
Position:70.5 degrees EastDownlink frequency: 11334 MHzPolarity: VerticalFEC: 1/2Symbol Rate: 6511
Minghui Radio still employs two shortwave frequencies for broadcasting to mainland China, twice a day. These two frequencies are: Beijing Time, 6-7 a.m. every morning (2200-2300 UTC) 7105 KHz; and 9-10 p.m. every night (1300-1400 UTC) 6030 KHz.
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