Friday, December 30, 2011

Bringing Blues to the World

Blues Radio International will inaugurate the world's only weekly worldwide radio broadcast dedicated exclusively to Blues Music on January 1, 2012 (January 2 UTC). Blues Radio International brings Blues Music to a potential audience of tens of millions through Radio Miami International, a privately owned international broadcast station in Miami, Florida.
"We are excited to bring Blues Music to a worldwide audience, which includes both Blues enthusiasts and tens of millions of potential new Blues music fans" said Jesse Finklestein, who hosts and produces Blues Radio International.
Tune in to Blues Radio International every Monday at 0200 UTC, or Sunday at 9 pm EST throughout the Americas, on 9955 kHz in the 31 meter shortwave band. Programming will also stream simultaneously for listeners at
The thirty minute program features the best in classical Blues music, as well as important new music from today's most promising Blues artists.
Send your program details to: Jesse A. Finkelstein, Blues Radio International, 103 Hillsboro Mile, Suite 303, Hillsboro Beach, Florida 33062 USA or email to
(Gayle Van Horn,QSL Report/Monitoirng Times)