Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Radio Transmundial contact information

Special thanks to Rudolph Grimm for this morning's email contact information. You may also view his excellent blog at
Gayle Van Horn

Dear friend,

How are you?

As the V/S (veri-signer) from Radio Transmundial (Sao Paulo, Brazil), let me send the complete address of the station.

Rua Épiro 110
04635-030 - Sao Paulo, SP

(or postal address)

P.O. Box 18.113
04626-970 - Sao Paulo, SP


Radio Transmundial accepts reception reports via postal address and also by email. No need to send IRC or US dollars.

I congratulate you for the excellent Shortwave Central blog. Simply amazing! I also have a SWL blog with radio general information and received confirmations (QSL) here in Brazil. The link is: I invite you to open my blog also. I put the link of your blog in one section of my blog. If you desire, you can do the same with de DxWays-br. Thanks in advance.


Rudolf Grimm
PY2 GG66rg SWL-81502
St. Bernard SP