Friday, December 16, 2011

Holidays and QSLing

This time of the year is a great time to take advantage of the special holiday programming on shortwave. Stations across the globe broadcast a variety of programs of dramas, choral music, religious services, comedy, and old time radio shows. For QSL fans you can preserve your favorite station or holiday program. To keep up to date on holiday programming, MT's Programming Spotlight columnist, Fred Waterer, devotes a page to Holiday and Festive programs on his online website at
Shortly after going to press with my November column, I received word of a new station on shortwave . XVRB Radio -The Music Museum, is a privately funded station whose goal is to bring the fun element of old style shortwave music back to the listener's. Broadcast are every third Sunday in English on 6045 kHz, from 0900-1000 UTC. Send your comments and program details to or visit their website at .
Listener's continue to log Radio Afghanistan, but now on 7200 kHz in English and Dari from 1530-1630 UTC. Their revised email address for their English service is

Amateur radio operators and shortwave listeners don't forget this special QSL opportunity. Through December 24 - Santa's Work Shop. 0000-2359 UTC, W6S, Bakersfield, CA. WI6J. 14.270 7.180 3.900 MHz. QSL. Mark E Slater, 247 Bighorn Meadow Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93308.

European DXers are predicting that pirate station Radio Bila Hora, from the Czech Republic, will revive their annual New Years Eve broadcast this year. Last year they were heard on 2345 kHz at 1554. UTC. Check also 3333 kHz, a frequency that has been used previously. North American listener's may have better results by using Global Tuners, a remotely-controlled radio receiver system from radios across the world. To learn more, consult Send your program details to

QSL Contact updates
Brazil: Radio Transmundial. Address: Rua Epiro 116, CEP-04635-030 São Paulo, Brasil (or) Caixa Postal 18113, CEP-04626-970 São Paulo, Brasil
Clandestine: Cotton Tree News. Address: Avenue du Temple 19C, CH-1012 Lausanne, Switzerland.
Cuba: Radio Habana. Email:
Guatemala: TGAV Radio Verdad. Veri-Signer, Edgar Amilcar Madrid. Email: Address: Apartado 5, Chiguimula, Guatemala.
Peru: Radio Sicuani. Veri-Signer, Edwin Sallo Diaz. Email:
Philippines: Radio Veritas Asia. Address: P.O. Box 2642, Quezon City, Philippines

Amateur Radio
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, PJ2T-Caribbean Contesting Consortium, 10 meters SSB.
Full data color scenery card. This QSL confirms QSO for (now deleted) Netherlands Antilles prior to 10/10/2010 and for Caracao after 10/10/2010. Received in five days via W3HNK QSL Manager, 115 Buck Run Rd., Lincoln University, PA 19352 USA. Website: (Larry Van Horn, NC)

Radio Symban (Radio Universe) 2368.5 kHz. Full data Australian Native Birds card, signed by John Wright, ARDXC. Card gave reference to Greek programming and Leppington transmitter. Received in eight days for report to (Edward Kusalik, Alberta, Canada)

Voice of Russia, 7290 kHz via Kishinev-Grigoriopol. Full data State of Tretyakov Gallery/80th Anniversary card, unsigned. Received in 73 days for an email report to (Kusalik)

WYFR/Family Radio Worldwide relay via Bao-Zhong, 9280 kHz. Full data 50th Anniversary card with site notation. Received in seven months in response to follow up report to (Kusalik).

Chile-ECO02, ONEMI Région de Antofagasta, 10160 kHz. No data E-QSL from Irina Salgado. Received in 13minutes for e-report to ECO05-ONEMI Région de Valparaíso, 17426 kHz. Full data E-QSL from Vladimir Maturana, Encargado de Comunicaciones ONEMI Valpaíso. Received in seven hours for e-report to . (Patrick Robic, Austria/UDXF)

China-VRC Hong Kong Marine Rescue, 8414.5 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card verified and stamped. Received in 51 days for a utility report. QSL address: Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong, PR of China. (Robic)

Non Directional Beacon, "D8" Dolbeau-St. Félicien, QC Canda, 386 kHz, 50 watts. Full data prepared QSL returned, signed by Benoît Bannon. Received in 13 days for a SASE and $2.00US. QSL address: Gestionnaire, Nav Canada Opérations Techniques Aéroport Internationale Jean Lesage, 515 rue Prinicipale, Sainte-Foy, QC Canada G2G 2T8. (Jim Pogue, Memphis, TN).

Sri Lanka-Colombo Aero, 11285 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card verified by Wimalshanthi, Head of Electronics & Air Navigation Engineering. Received in 24 days for a utility report. Station address: Aeronautical H.F. Transmitting Station, Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd., Colombo Airport, Attidiya Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. (Robic)

United States-NUW Whidbey Island, WA, 13528.5 MHz USB. Full data 62nd Annual Armed Forces Day card, signed by Digger O'Dell KF6NW. Also received full data NNN0NUW station card. Received in 81 days for a utility report and a SASE (used for reply). Station address: NAVMARCORMARS Station NUW, 260 W. Pioneer FSAC Bldg., NSC Whidbey Island, WA 98277 USA. (Bill Wilkins, Springfield, MO).

WWCR, 4840 kHz. Full data Nashville scenery card, signed by Cathy Soares, Program Director. Received in three weeks for English report and return mint postage. Station address: 1300 WWCR Avenue, Nashville, TN 37218 USA. (Larry Zamora, Garland, TX)
(Gayle Van Horn/MT Dec 2011/QSL Report)