Friday, December 16, 2011

The DX Challenge is Back !

After a lengthy absence, the Shortwave DX Challenge is back and it runs for the month of January. Log as many countries as you can in the month. All loggings must be of at least five minutes in length with as much program detail as possible. Only shortwave broadcast and time signal stations count. Relay transmissions count as the country where the transmitter is located. All entries must be e-mailed in or postmarked by February 15th. NO HAND WRITTEN ENTRIES. I'm getting too old to decipher chicken scrawl. You can also send in entries as you log them and they will be tallied together at the end.

And there will be a nice prize for whoever logs the most countries over the month of January.

Use the NASWA country list available at: to for your loggings. Use the snail/e-mail address below or see the January issue of my column, Your Reports, when it is posted to the ODXA website. All entries may be used in the column.
(Mark Coady/ODXA)