Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pur Radio 1 on extended shortwave schedule

Pur Radio 1, based in Eupen, Belgium, is broadcasting an expanded schedule on shortwave since 18 December, and is now heard with programmes in German and Dutch on 6085 kHz at 0700-1200 UTC. Good reception reported today in Almere, the Netherlands by Ehard Goddijn. Pur Radio 1 rents airtime from German broadcaster Radio 700. The transmitter is located at Kall-Krekel in Germany. Photos of the transmitter are at: . Pur Radio 1 previously broadcast on 6005 kHz on Sundays at 1200-1400 UTC.

The station says it is run by a team of audio and video producers, directors, speakers, camera people, Web professionals, musicians and computer animation specialists. To get into the Benelux and Europe optimally it works from three countries.
(Sources: Ehard Goddijn/Pur Radio 1/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Pur Radio 1 website: