Tuesday, December 20, 2011

QSL Report Central

Amateur Radio
IQ1KA Special Previx - Painter Pelizza Volpedo
Special prefix to celebrate the Italian painter Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (author of "Il quarto Stato") confirm with folder in 30 days. To view, go to:
http://blog.libero.it/radioascolto/10901658.html (Francesco, Italy/playdx)

4W6A Timor Leste
The DXpedition 4W6A Atauro Island (OC-232) Timor Leste confirm with QSL folder in two months. QSL Manager, M0URX Tim. To view, go to:
http://blog.libero.it/radioascolto/10857447.html (francesco, Italy/playdx)

CVC Voz Cristiana, 17680. Full data Transmitter Site card, unsigned. Received in 63 days for Spanish airmail report and US $5.00. Sent to Santiago, Chile address. Card is completely in English and posted from Chile, although sporting a US return address. This is a very nice card on good stock, with about six different views of the transmitter facilities and antennas. (Al Muick, PA/playdx)

HCJB (via CVC) 11920. Full data Young Listeners card, signed by Horst Rosiak. QSL Received in 66 days for Spanish report via airmail with US $3.00 return postage. I reported on a Portuguese program. Also received a German newsletter and personal message from Iris Rauscher thanking me for my report and stating that the Portuguese and German services were purchasing time on CVC since their "shortwave antennas" closed in November of 2009. Email is deutsch@adenstimme.org. The QSL came from Ecuador with some beautiful postage stamps depicting the Galapagos Islands on the envelope. (Muick).

Olympia Radio SVO, 8424. Full data A4-sized certificate., signed by "Poulos", Manager of Olympia Radio. Received in 57 days for an English report and two IRCs. Very nice picture set on the certificate and also sent a second certificate on a heavier stock blue paper.(Muick).

Voice of Greece 7475. Full data Prince of the Lilies card in 97 days for English airmail report and two IRCs. Also sent nice wall map of Greece. (Muick)

South Africa
Channel Africa 15325. Full data thank you letter from Sikander Hoosen of Sentech, the national transmitter network owner. Received in 644 days for English airmail report and US $3.00, plus follow-up in English. Sent via registered airmail with US $2.00 to Channel Africa address. Verified in 106 days after follow-up report. (Muick)

I have to admit a certain amount of disappointment and confusion with the Channel Africa QSL. They have always been listed in WRTH as having a QSL card. Not only did they not verify, but the report was eventually just passed on to Sentech, the national transmitter owner who QSL'ed with a letter. Sentech has always been represented in the WRTH as having a QSL card as well. This holds true for the new 2012 edition.

When was the last time anyone has received a QSL card directly from Channel Africa? When was the last time anyone has ever received a QSL card from Sentech? Inquring minds want to know!(Muick)