Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency
* sign-on - sign-off*

11985, Radio Algerienne Holy Quran. 1800-1900 with French and Arabic programming. Scheduled for 2248* Format present on subsequent daily checks 1830 +  with Qur'an (Vam Horn, NC)

15345, Radio Argentina Exterior, 1830. Tuned into English service news to tango music. "This is RAE" identification. Announcer's news of riots in Mexican  prison with casualties and additional news about Mexico, Cuban migrants, operations in Colombian mines and additional news from Latin America, with a focus on the Zika virus. Puerto Rico's economic news with comparisions to Argentina. (Van Horn, NC/NLD-SDR)

4810, Voice of Armenia 1744. Programming targeted to Middle East. Station info and website quote to interval signal. National anthem to Persian service intros. Newscast format between music bridges to  1755. Persian musical vocals to Signal SIO 433. Station ID at 1802. Announcements and Armenian music (Van Horn, NC/NLD_SDR)

13640, All India Radio, 1845. Arabic text to lady's Indian vocals (SIO 434) // 9620 to Middle East weak SIO 232, no sign of // 11710. English service 1900 on 11670 and very weak // 11935. International newscast to main points at 1904. Press Review to 1909. Station ID to Indian pop vocals. Urdu service on 7520 via NL-SDR with Indian vocals (Van Horn, NC)

6060, VOIRI 2135. Arabic speeches, ect. Bosnian/Serbo Croatian audible at this time on 5950 // 9590 kHz. Japanese service heard 2145 on 5965 and // 7425 kHz. English service monitored on 11940 and 13785, both to various target areas. Programming on Internet security. Kazakh service on 9480, 1615-1620 (Van Horn, NC/NLD SDR)

9575, Radio Mediterranee International 2158. Closing bits of info 2158-59 to station ID at 2200. Arabic newscast topics between fanfare music. Moderate signal and minimal fades observed (Van Horn, NC)

9800 Radio Romania International, 1615-1626. Russian topics to fanfare music and talk about Valentine's Day. Russian love songs to 1624. Station info to ID and closing info about station Closing as "goodbye" in Russian. Station interval signal to 1628* (Van Horn, NC)

4996, RWM STFS Taldom 2235. Just barely there (SIO 222) amid noise with beeps and CW (Van Horn, NC/NLD-SDR)

Saudi Arabia
11820 Radio Saudi-Holy Qur'an 2225. Excellent signal on 11820 for Qur'an recitations // 11915 and 11930 (SIO) 232) audible on 17615, 1520-1535, scheduled for 1557*. Scheduled for 2257 sign-off (Van Horn, NC) Radio Saudi Gen Prgm 1 on 9555 and // 9870, both with excellent signal quality. Announcer's Arabic conversations about Washington, D.C. (Van Horn, NC)

9505, Voice of Africa 1737. Station ID, "this is the Voice of Africa," into continued English service comments on personal health care and precautions. Feature about the Arab Peninsular and Islam practices. SIO 434. (Van Horn, NC/NLD-SDR)